The Vinyl Appreciation Thread

Do you suppose these AIVA HPs are similar to Audeze LCD-* headphones? Have there been any reviews or comparisons?

This is for squall1:

You had mentioned an interest in the D Sachs Model 2 preamp. There is a used one for sale at the asking price of $1900 USD. It lacks the wood case, but it has the same left- and right-gain dials as the one I have here.

I just noticed a second unit that looks like mine, but with cherry instead of walnut. This guy is asking $2000, which is a little too high considering the front right corner is damaged and his tubes are not the more popular premium 6SN7 tubes from Shuguang or PSVane.

Both are listed on USAudiomart.

Thanks very much for the heads up…I think I’d rather get one new from the man himself. I’m ok to wait it out a bit.

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Part-time Audiophile posted up his best of the year lists…good reading for a rainy Sunday evening.

At home I rotated in my Ushers, which I always love initially…until I don’t. They sound good at the moment though. No vinyl today though.

I’m searching for a new tv stand… until I find it I’m too lazy to clean things up.

Have this playing in the background this evening, this record sounds really good listening from spaces away from the main room.

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I was browsing last month and up popped this Kinski album (Airs Above Your Station), which I haven’t thought about in some time. Having not owned it on vinyl before, I went ahead and ordered it and it arrived last week.

This album was in heavy rotation for me in the middle 00’s after I caught their live show by accident at SXSW. I was at this showcase for some other band who I can’t even remember, but Kinski were undoubtedly not the reason I was there. They absolutely killed it. They opened with the song Semaphore which is from this album and jaws dropped. If you like Mogwai I’m pretty sure you’ll like Kinski. Apparently they’re still making music, I’ll try to check that out soon.

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Have you ever considered upgrading the crossover capacitors in your Ushers? I’ve heard the standard caps are fairly inexpensive poly caps. You could replace them with copper caps (for example) or silver in oil as another example.

No, but I’ve considered filling them with sand or shot.

I’ve never tried to source shot in Taiwan. I imagine it could be challenging. Unscented kitty litter is an excellent choice.

A good quality cap will rid most tweeters of brightness. It’s the brightness or metallic sound that wears me down and makes me want to wander off to do something else.

I don’t find them overly bright most of the time…sometimes they get boomy though in my room. However, I hadn’t been playing them with Vidar and that seems to have helped, or for whatever reason I’m not noticing it as much.

They can sometimes be brutal with bad recordings (is mix a better term?) of digital hi resolution source material, but honestly its just worse vs my other options. I’m usually pushing next regardless of which speakers are playing these types of files. They definitely sound the best with my vinyl vs. the Buchardt and KEF.

Eslite is doing some sort of vinyl sale/exhibition through the 27th. They have a separate area set up on the opposite side of the regular music store on the third floor.

I was through there yesterday but didn’t have time to stop and look.

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Almost finished moving, just some general cleanup to do. Finally got to try out the Aiva very briefly, no solid impressions yet except they felt heavy in my hand but not on my head :).

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