The Wall and The Underworld

Anyone know where I can get the lowdown on what’s going on at these two places and when? Can’t find a website for either of them, and they’re both out of my way enough to put me off going and checking personally unless I have to…

The Wall is at
I dig the place, too bad they close early, usually at about 1. It’s cool to go there at about 9 and check out the bands, especially since it’s one of the few places where you can hear non-pop/hip-hop/techno stuff.
Underworld is also cool, but I don’t know the website. I think you could try to pick up POTS for gigs, too.
Sometimes useful.

Kewl. Figured you’d be ready with the info :laughing:

And I’ve just found the Underworld site, so for the edification of future posters:

You mean they play guitar music?

Yes, they play guitar music at The Wall sometimes, whatever guitar music may be. They will also play some ok stuff in between sets. You need to check the schedule. I’m usually there if there’s a metal/punk-type line-up.
Underworld is tiny, and it’s only a sit-down joint, but you can hear some really cool stuff there. I even got some Joy Division and Bauhaus the other night.

I checked the Underworld Web site but either they have absolutely no info on that site or it isn’t loading properly (I’m guessing the latter.) What is the weekend cover like over there?