The Wall Street Journal

Hello all,

Anyone know where I can find the Wall Street Journal? A friend of mine is getting his crossword printed in it on Friday and I really need to find where I could pick it up.


Dunno about the paper edition, but you can get the WSJ crosswords online at:

Typically you can buy them at the 5-star hotels: Hyatt, Far Eastern, Westin … the Brother Hotel not far from Nangjing/Fuxing intersection used to sell them, but that was some years ago. I would check the lobby shop of the 5-star hotel nearest you. Far Eastern Hotel in the morning used to put a stack of them in the lobby for guests to take as they headed out for their workday. :wink:

I believe some Kingstone bookstores carry it. That grungy stationery store on Shida Rd (across from the park) also has/had it.

The Friday edition may be available only later on the weekend, timezones being what they are.

Thanks all! I was able to get it at the Sheraton actually. Although I feel kinda bad because they at first thought I was a guest and mistakenly gave me the times for free, when I said I needed the Journal, they replaced it but then asked for my room #… I was like… ummm. Yeah so I had to pay 80 NT, not terrible I guess.