The We Miss Hanna Thread

Jesus no.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

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She’s probably sick of the constant degrading locker room talks about women.


Yeah. I much prefer the constant degrading locker room talk about men.

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There’s no degrading locker room talk about men.

Sure there is…usually of the “men are all dogs” variety. The henpecked, emasculated husband is another trope.


Hanna who?


Way to read the room T-dog


Hanna Ball the Great?

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oh wait was hanna the snoopy dog icon?
i forget, i forget who anyone is…was…uh…who is tommy525? i forget him too

i tell ya somthin funny tho…not completely related to this thread. in fact probably not at all related to this thread.

see wifey went off to indonesia and for some reason decided to scrape my ipad clean (which she had converted already to her use, but mainly for the use of our dearly departed cat…whopper…who liked to watch cartoons on that ipad in particular…but anyhow. she wiped the ipad clean…im sure…theres devious intent there somehow…troop of secret online boyfriends perhaps…anyways… i could not reset the dang thing…and apples stores are all shut cuz of covid ya know…so…anyways i got me one of those things to attach to the ipad so one can use it as a mini computer…cuz its now got a keyboard…nearly got into a scene getting that sucker at walmart…the other day…with this twat who was mad i took a long glance at his gf’s psycho delic tights…but i got the wrong size…10.2 instead of the correct 9.7…so…anyways…got the correct …one now and found the ipad didnt work…but finally found a website buried under websites that told me i had to turn off the ipad and then while pressing the HOME button plug the thing into a computer that had itunes on it…and then reformat the whole dang thing…and now it work.
oh wait…off topic…what was the topic again???

sounding too much like that blue fish in Finding Nemo…here.

MUst be the water i been drinking today…did the cats drink out of the same cup??? UGH…you know what THEY do with their tongues you know…lick…cat…

Not locker room talk.

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You ever been in a women’s locker room? :thinking:


Have you?


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I’m a bit late to this party but yes, it is perhaps a good thing, maybe she discovered real life, and some real people.

Topher: Venice is like an online community, but in real life.

Chip: Like, a community?

:astonished: :crying_cat_face: :ghost:

I can understand many, even most women having that reaction… but Hanna? Are you sure? I thought it gave her more of an aw-aren’t-they-cute-when-they’re-puerile-and-vulgar reaction.

Maybe I just didn’t spend enough time in certain threads. :idunno: