The weak political argument thread

You do realize this is the weak political argument thread, so by posting it you’re saying that article’s argument is weak? :sweat_smile:

Today we learned weak arguments convince you, I guess?

Goodonya. Glad to see you’ve come to the realization that the most important thing is getting Trump out!

Who’s we?

Anybody with a lick of sense.

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Because gaslighting only stretches so far:

When presented with a system that only offers two shitty choices and voting for a third party actively hurts your interests, then you gotta settle. The site is correct. You’re not getting gaslit, you’re getting played by the people who have all the interests in ensuring that your choice is them and them only.

It’s called strategic voting and it’s necessary in FPTP countries. That’s why a person like Bernie can’t run separately because he’ll cause a Trump win which is against the interests of his supporters.

Therefore, it’s a strong political argument and the smartest political move possible in the system.

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Strategic voting is for people who think they see the big picture, but actually don’t.

Far from the truth. FPTP forces people to pick the one that they think is going to win that is closest to their beliefs instead of the one they actually want.

Libertarians will never win because they take too many votes from the Republicans, despite Republicans being for Big-Government.

See, that’s what I’m talking about.

People who think like that keep the system broken.

It’s game theory. FPTP always goes this way because people have lives to deal with first.

First order game theory, at any rate.

Don’t you see, Trump holding packed rallies without a mask, or enforcing them, and downplaying covid, that’s less important than Pelosi captured once in a salon.

Just like 200k dead is less important than property damage.

Now you have a glimpse of how a genius mind works. But alas I’m only imitating one. :wheelchair:

Can’t have that, now can we?

In a pandemic? No. Thank you for pointing out it is very stupid behavior.

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But hey, black lives matter.

Why, yes, they do. Your opinion is black lives don’t matter?

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