The Weather 2003

How come we don’t have a general thread about the weather?

Considering how many Brits there are in our community and how much we are wont to gas on about the weather, I think we should repair that omission.

For most of my fellow countrymen, and I’m sure equally so for many others, no day is complete without exchanging a few words about the state of the elements. After all, there aren’t many factors in everyday life that affect us all as much as the weather, so it ought to be worth at least the occasional comment.

Here, then, is a thread for you all to exclaim in delight at the gorgeousness of, or grumble at the awfulness of, the weather. My fellow Brits, especially, can post here to your heart’s content.

To start it off: Isn’t it absolutely lovely today! :smiley: The weather in Taiwan just doesn’t get any better than this. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the temperature is hovering comfortably in the mid to high 20s. It’s perfect weather for outdoor activities, and the early-morning coolness is gloriously invigorating. It makes you feel good just to be alive when you’re outside in weather like this, especially if you can get away from the traffic and pollution to enjoy it in tranquil, natural surroundings. Better make the most of it while it lasts!

Yeah, it’s bloody good drinking weather.

It’s very comfortable in the evenings now, but the afternoons are still too hot for me.

For me, the optimum temperature is 23 degrees, so I’ll have to wait a few more weeks until the afternoons get that cool.

Too true, Omni. I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. The weather doesn’t get any better than as it is right now and I have yet to make good use of it.

I should.

Mmm. Perfect weather. I’ve been looking forward to this Saturday all week, hoping to go on an epic bike ride along the riverside. Then I wake up with an awful cold :cry: I’ve been sitting in front of the computer hoping it will get better, but it’sw getting worse, Back to bed ofr me. What a waste of a wonderful day :cry:


what a perfect weather to go SHOPPING!! haha :laughing:

the weather have been awasome, no complain from me but got a few stares from the ppl who are wearing sweatshirt already (must be insane!!)

so try to find me in taipei guys, if you see a crazy girl still wearing tank tops in taipei, that must be me. :wink:

why can’t Taiwan’s weather be like this more often??Also, it is great riding in the MRT now since there is no more smelly men standing beside me w/ their very very bad body odor!! :shock:

Oh, god yes, but I’ve stood next to plenty of stinking women, too. Personally, I should like to ban all high school kids from riding the subway home, since after running around and studying all day in their uniforms, they reek. When I was at school, showers were compulsory after exercise.

Who’s bright idea was it do design polyster/nylon jump-suit type uniforms for a hot country anyway?

Michty me, the nichts are fair drawin’ in.

Absolutely fantastic weather, though 29 degrees in the middle of the day is still on the high side to do active stuff.
The winters are perfect though. I remember, the first Christmas I ever spent in Taiwan, it was sunny and 27 degrees. Where I’m from, that counts as a heatwave!

Talking of smelly men, on the MRT back home today, I had a guy sitting next to me who was taking one betelnut after another out of a plastic bag. I wasn’t in a mood to fight, so I let him get away with it.

Yah, I just want it to cool off so I can wear the suede jacket I bought in Germany last summer. I prefer weather in the teens this time of year. I like four seasons (warm summers, crisp autumns, cold winters and fresh springs) and Taiwan just goes from boiling hot and humid to humid and temperate to cold and damp. and back again. This weather is great if you like inbetween temps. I just have nothing to wear when it’s like this.

You just need a nice coat of coconut oil rubbed all over your body… :laughing:

The weather is always good at sunny forest hill. A nice breeze in summer, and a scandinavian bone-chilling one in winter.

You guys who think it’s too hot now are crazy. It’s perfect weather. As for winter - Jesus I can’t stand the cold. Winter here is awful. I’m not looking forward to it.


It’s like all the appartments here are designed only to be lived in durring the summer. It’s great now, I can enjoy how the breezes flow through my place, but in winter it’s a crazy dash to tape, wad, and plaster my evey spare towel or sheet over the windows and in the cracks. I just don’t know what the Taiwanese think about sometimes.

It’s been rather muggy today, nowhere near as pleasant as it was those last few days up to yesterday. Now we really need a good hard rain to freshen things up (though it doesn’t look like we’re going to get it here in Taipei, however much the forecasts may have been telling us otherwise).

Watched a lot of TV yesterday, not a word about a typhoon … and suddenly today, I switch the thing on, and what do I see: flooding in Kenting, and a typhoon moving up in our direction, the north that is. Where did this thing come from and how did it move so fast?
I don’t mind a bit of rain to freshen things up, but I’d rather not have the whole shebang coming up to Taipei.

The typhoon is not news, ICRT has been yapping away for 3-4 days.

We will get rain, no worries.

My garden needs it, as I am too lazy to water the lawn.

The people at the central weather bureau were completely thrown by the sudden unexpected turn of this tropical storm (it’s not actually strong enough to be called a typhoon in English, as what is called a “light typhoon” in Chinese is actually just a tropical storm, though it might still pick up strength and turn into a typhoon). Right up to the last moment, they were expecting it to head straight toward the mainland and at worst just brush across the south of Taiwan. But these autumn storms are highly unpredictable, so you can’t really blame them. And to give them due credit, when the TV weathermen started to report on the formation and likely path of the storm, they did say that, though it was highly unlikely to affect Taiwan directly, a radical change of direction could not be completely ruled out.

Anyway, apart from a brisk wind and a slight drizzle, we’re not seeing much sign of it in Taipei yet, and I rather doubt if we’ll see any usefully heavy rain. But the weather has turned pleasantly bracing, and the wind is blowing away some of the pollution that’s been building up so nastily during the recent long dry spell, so it’s more of a boon than otherwise so far.

This weather is perfect for sitting on my balcony in my suede jacket I bought in Germany, no, wait, that was someone else who bought the jacket, anyway, in a pair of old track pants and a sweater, with the windows half open and a breeze coming in while I drink whiskey and listen to the blues power hour. If it gets any colder, then I’ll just shift my drink to a hot toddy.

The weatherman in Seoul is saying that after it sideswipes Taiwan it will veer left and head straight for Korea. I predict 38 dead here. Any dead there yet?