The Whale Breakfast and Brunch Restaurant

Worth checking out. Actually really good.


Looks great

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Much better than the diner imo. I really don’t like the diner.

Needs some baked beans but looks pretty legit

No. 28 Jianguo South Road Section 2 Lane 11
Da-an District, Taipei City 10658

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That’d be great!

I’ve been by there a few times and it’s so popular never had a seat.

I’m seeing a lot of carbs in that picture, more than I want.

1 Like Hive is best brunch had in Taipei, but French style.

Serious question Re: your “how not to get fat” thread - is this a usual breakfast size/composition for you?

He washed it all down with a zero sugar green tea, so it’s all good.

Toasteria’s Moroccan/Israeli breakfast is well worth a try if you like hummus.

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I usually don’t eat breakfast because I fast. But I skipped the bread so it’s still low carb. I’m only back in Taiwan for a while, so I’m caring to much about weight.

But my meals are usually even bigger. I eat about 1kg of meat a day when I’m doing keto carnivore. By I’m 189cm and pretty muscular and active. My dietary needs are very different from other people.

Question from Wendy: “Is the breakfast made from real whales?”

Is anyone else watching the current season of The Boys? When I saw the thread title, I did think of a recent scene with a sudden surfeit of cetacean sides.