The "Where's Waldo?" of Forumosa

Can you find the hidden word “Taiwan” on Forumosa? Good luck!
Very tricky, tech admin!

I am confused. What do you mean “the hidden word”? On the Forumosa logo? On the boards themselves? Please explain, Quirky.

Can you find the hidden “REFRESH SCREEN”

You get 5050 hits if you run Taiwan through the search engine! Is it in there?

I found it !! Not saying where it is, except that it is on every page.

Quirky, how did find that ?

PS what a waste of my 2000th post. :unamused:

I found the “REFRESH SCREEN” but can not find “Taiwan” using the smae method.



I have looked at the code for the page… nothing
I checked every image listed with bugnosis… nothing.

I must be missing something very simple here.

A stab in the dark would be to try adjusting my contrast and seeing if it pops up in the dark

Frustratin’ Bassman, init?

That’s too easy.

Uh, apparently you have to be an eagle-eye to even notice it…

Quirky, do you scrutinize every web page you visit? Cheese ‘n’ rice!

BTW, has anyone ever surfed across any real treasures that’d you’d care to pass along? :slight_smile:


I dont’ see it, but I can see Waldo…can I get some quanxi for that?!

I found the refresh this page by accident a long time ago when I clicked on the hand, but I still can’t find hidden Taiwan. Grrr…

the banner at the top of every page… it says:

taiwan oriented online community

and there’s a map of taiwan! so cool!!! how cool!!! very cool!!!

Aha…I still haven’t found the hidden Taiwan, but I did find a hidden “formosa” which was pretty funny.

Hint: if you do automatic log-in, you might want to turn it off before you look for “formosa”.

And speaking of, Quirky, how about a hint or two about where to find the “Taiwan”, or is it the forumosa logo after all?

It is gone now, but I swear to god if you highlight just above the word Forums and just below the logo you would find a little hidden “Taiwan” in the same tan color as the background. :blush:
I remember clearly it was in a 10 point san sarif font – and I can’t prove it except for one possible other witness: Big Fluffy Matthew says he found it, but maybe he was talking about something else. BFM, don’t tell me if we saw the same thing. If one day the curiosity gets so strong, I will ask. For now I would like to uphold the belief that:

Some things are best left unknown.

It is still there, and that is what I was referring to. Don’t worry if you can’t see it, it is invisible. Obviously it’s not the logo, that’s not exactly hidden.

don’t look at me, it was originally Cranky’s idea

No doubt he thought about while laying on the floor at Voice.

Speaking of Cranky, where’s Hakkasonic these days?

Dang, I spilled the beans way too soon, but for whatever reason, I can not find it any more.