The whole thing is a grabastic piece of xiet

Wheee - YouTube is launched in Canada. I can barely contain my excitement and appreciation that someone has recognized us in the Frozen North and…wait…excitement contained and anger rising. This is about the lamest, insulting, piece of crap I’ve seen in a long time and it’s your lucky day cuz I’m gonna rant about it for a bit…EH!!
:raspberry: :raspberry: :raspberry: :raspberry:

YouTube Canada? Take Off Eh!! Buncha Hosers … ha-hosers/

Okay, first of all I can’t believe Canada just got You Tube - what were they using before? and then, there are websites all over the place whining about how it isn’s as good as American You Tube. Or did they already have You Yube and they wanted their own version of You tube since having an American products without a Canadian flag on it upsets them. :loco: :loco: :loco: :loco: :loco:

The whole thing is a grabastic piece of shit. :raspberry: :raspberry: :raspberry: :raspberry:

Oh, and the video really is awful, i understang why they’re whinging over it.

I mean, jesus…

 In developing territory-specific YouTube sites, we wanted to bring YouTube to you, in your language..

Your language? I’ll be the translation was a bitch…all those extra U’s in words.

At least YouTube did a nice promotional video for us. You can see how the highlighted above with the fancy title bar and the great name: “YouTube Canada, Eh?”. Yeah, we say Eh. At least it sounds like a letter of the alphabet and not the unintelligible American grunt of “huh?”. Funny stuff YouTube. You sure nailed it. How well you’re endearing yourself to the Canucks. Let’s watch the video…

Oh…you’re Canadian…well…that certainly explains a lot.

SO glad you’re happy with ‘your’ YouTube!..:hooraycanada:

It isn’t “our you Tube”. it is just the American You Tube with a Canadian flag sewn on it.