'The Wind That Shakes The Barley'

ni men hao:

Have any of you heard anything re: the new Ken Loach film?

That’s a Dead Can Dance song

I just read this bit re: the film:

2006-05-28 14:32:00.0 EST

British director Ken Loach’s movie “The Wind That Shakes the
,” a saga set amid Ireland’s struggle for independence
in the early 1920s, won top honors today in an unanimous
vote at the Cannes Film Festival.

It was the first time veteran filmmaker Loach won the main
prize after seven earlier entries in the main competition at
the world’s most prestigious film festival.

“The Wind That Shakes the Barley” stars Cillian Murphy as an
Irish medical student who takes up arms against a reign of
terror by the Black and Tans, British troops sent in to
quell calls for independence.

Loach, who previously won the third-place prize at Cannes
with a 1990 movie about British collusion in Northern
Ireland, “Hidden Agenda”, and 1993’s “Raining Stones,” said
he hoped the film would be a small step encouraging the
British to “confront their imperial history. And maybe, if
we tell the truth about the past, maybe we tell the truth
about the present.”[/quote]

It’s a Ken Loach film, so it’ll be well worth seeing. Hidden Agenda was wonderful. In fact pretty much everything Loach has had a hand in has been great.

Agreed Sandman… As a Brit of a certain age I’m sure you remember Kes… thats a fantastic film