The woman who sparked years of death and terror

I have a friend, back in the USA, whose family were academics during this period, he was 15 yrs old in 1966 and remembers it all too well. His father and mother were both University professors in non-political fields. He has told me quite a few stories of what they were subjected to. It is a very chilling story to hear first hand the horrors of the “Cultural Revolution.” A time of madness.

[quote]The woman who sparked years of death and terror
By Jane Macartney

Nie Yuanzi says the anniversary of the Cultural Revolution must not be ignored

NIE YUANZI is a frail, slightly stooped 85-year-old woman who lives with her two Persian cats in a tiny borrowed Beijing bedsit.

It is hard to imagine that this was the person who sparked the Cultural Revolution, which cost tens of thousands of lives and destroyed the livelihoods of millions. But she did. And while China