The world has run out of oil!

Oh noes! … 1732903871

OMG!!! OM F**** G!!! What are we going to do? I think that we should move immediately to higher ground to engage in sustainable subsistence farming. ORGANIC!!! is the solution!!! And, you know, not drinking imported bottled water and … using electric cars… which will be powered through oil, gas, coal and nuclear reactors and power plants. So NOT TO WORRY!!! IF we all just stop buying oil and gas and coal, we can still use clean electricity despite being generated from these sources. Know what I mean? OMG!!! Like the oil is going to be GONE!!!

I know that link is a joke but: oil is the blood of the Earth and it constantly replenishes. See abiotic theory.

Is that like game theory? or string theory? or perhaps a combo of both? G-String theory?

Except that it takes 100 million years (or something prohibitively long) to make more. With that being said there are still huge untapped and even unknown reserves that aren’t financially viable to exploit so we aren’t running out any time soon. If the easy stuff runs out then they will figure out ways to get to this harder to exploit oil.

This doesn’t mean that we should burn oil (and coal and NG and anything else) like it is an infinite resource. It might essentially be infinite but it is still dirty.