The world's first foldable smartphone


I don’t think they thought this one through. Just a gadget?


Looks like a really dumb idea. Scratched to hell in a day or two. I assume in real life they fold inwards not from the outside.


After a week there’d be a line of dead pixels where the fold is.


Just bring back the razr. That shit was fire.


Just give us the Borg implants already, damn it! Not this folding crap.


How did these things become such a meme.


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Reminds me of high school.


I really need to start checking the OP before opening a thread…


Finally a phone you can sit on without breaking the screen!


Is that type of smartphone durable? I guess will just use my Samsung S8. I am not impress with the design and I don’t think it will be good value for my money. Nah…


Just quit the forum!


Samsung just revealed their foldable smartphone:

Not much details are out yet, but I was expecting something less bulky…


It looks very bulky!

At that size for a tablet…it is not much use.
Just a gimmick that will sell to die hard tech fans, but the rest of the world will stick with a regular smart phone.

I am all for innovation and pressing forward with what tech can do. This just seems kind of pointless. How about smaller batteries with longer life that can last days instead of hours? How about smarter phones? How about better cameras? How about better and new, lighter, stronger materials? How about better signals without going all glass?

Those things are far more useful and important than a folding phablet.


Best ever was ASUS Padfone. One click and you had your full sized pad, no need for fuss. One push and you had the slim phone in your hand.