The Worst Band Ever?

This is a fun read.

Even if he’s totally wrong about half of the bands in the initial playoffs, which don’t suck at all (Prince? The Cars? What the %^*&?!) But he is correct on those that do make the semifinals and finals - all of those bands truly do suck. I disagree with his choice of winner - yes, they did suck, but choice #2 sucked even harder. I cannot imagine even in an alternate universe how a band could theoretically suck worse than Creed. [quote]Rock and roll is supposed to be fun, not like passing an impacted stool, and then telling all your friends about it.[/quote]

Shh…I like those early Motley Crue albums. I kind of like Creed too.
I found the under the radar section more interesting as you can tell the guy was more passionate about those bands plus he mentioned quite a few bands I like that I thought were long forgotten.