The Worst English Teacher in the World

Last night, I was giving my students a practice GEPT test (listening and reading). This class is a mixed class of grade 6 and junior high kids. Of these students, some can only come once a week. Those that come twice a week had already done the test on Monday, and those that come only on Friday were doing the test in an adjacent classroom. Two girls had failed the test so I wanted to work with them individually and the others that had passed on Monday were doing the writing section together with the others.

When I was going through the answers with the two girls, a boy who had finished the writing section came out and said they can hear you reading the answers. Never to miss an opportunity for a good gag, I said, “Oh, really?” Then started reading the answers ludicrously loud with plenty of deliberate mistakes. The girls and boy were gleefully sniggering at my high jinx. Unbeknown to me, standing in the small foyer of my school was a new parent waiting to make an inquiry about joining the school.

She dutifully informed me: “You are the worst teacher in the world!”


Fuckin’ hilarious! Typical Taiwan moron school owners/managers who don’t give you a call to tell you parents are coming around. Happens to me all the time. I’m screaming and berating, I turn around and there’s a prospective new student and it’s horrified mother standing in the doorway. Call me next time you idiots and I’ll be jumping around like a performing monkey when they make their appearance. Typical Taiwanese business practice.

Perhaps the school can get you some sort of memorial plaque?

Quite a distinction, that! Hope you were able to recover the situation.

:roflmao: FYI Fox is the school owner/manager! :laughing:

:roflmao: FYI Fox is the school owner/manager! :laughing:[/quote]
HaaaHaaa! Hilarious! Sorry, Mr/Ms Fox! Put some checks in place! :slight_smile:

You’re a businessman, never let anyone actually see what goes on in a kids EFL class! ‘Security’ is the buzzword/excuse why you don’t let strangers (who haven’t paid) near the classrooms.

You probably ARE the worst English teacher in the world. Everyone else in the world OPENS their MOUTHS when they talk, cobber. :wink:

She was convinced. My elocution quickly turned to allocution.


She dutifully informed me: “You are the worst teacher in the world!”[/quote]

Her English is pretty good.

All my best students come from parents with great English. The secrets out.

I would have answered simply, “But my kids speak great English, don’t they?”