The Writ: Words Over a Deep Hole, Taichung, (6/18)

And something for Taichung:

The Writ: Words Over a Deep Hole, Taichung, (6/18)

Time: 18 June at 18:00 - 19 June at 02:00

Location: The Refuge @ Dakeng DongShan Paradise 東山樂園! 台中市北屯區東山路二段151之2號 東山樂園 Taichung

[quote]More info:
The Written Word is Solace, A Sword, A Universe in a World.

Fellow Earthlings that spend a considerate amount of Time writing these Words for the Masses or Themselves, will Gather at The Refuge, Saturday June 18, 2011.

The Participants (and by default The Entertainers) will include those dabbling in:

Spoken Word



Singer/Song Writers


Published Authors Reading bits from their Books

Multi-media Show

…and The Band (followed by a Refuge Jam!)

NOTE: If you are a Writer, an Artist or a Singer/Song Writer and would like to participate, drop us a line asap!

Please send us a quick bio about you and your writing to:


Then tell us how would you liked to be billed.

Below are the Orators/Poets/Writers/Singers who have expressed interest in our Gathering (NOTE this is not the Schedule):

BIOS for these Excellent Earthlings (who have already sent them in) can be found here: … -speakers/

Those with Bios are confirmed and will be scheduled ASAP.

  1. Malcom Malcom (Writer)
  2. The Wizard of oDd (Poet)
  3. Author: David Braden
  4. Rachel McPhail (Poet)
  5. Burt (?)
  6. The Fabulous Jeff Evans (SS)
  7. Easle and Beyond (SS)
  8. Keith Nipper: (Poet)
  9. Dave Flint (Writer)
  10. Author: Lynn Miles
  11. Avery Day (SS)
  12. Dave & Matt (Poet)
  13. David Wood (Poet)
  14. Gary Hepner (Poet)
  15. Trista Di Genova Chang (writer/publisher/poet/singer)
  16. Wesley Jay (SS)
  17. Kevin MacCash
  18. Taichung Improv
  19. Fire Spinning Show with 老鼠
  20. The Writ Band for the Evening: MOSS!
  21. The Refuge Jam

The Schedule and more minute details about the Evening will be up by the first week in June… which is also about when the Deadline is for those that want to get up on the Poets’ Box & Speak.

Speakers and Singer/Song Writers will get MAX 15 minutes slots at a time. If you need less time, please let us know for when we make the Schedule.


READING TIPS - Stage Presence! If you have never done something like this, it is not like reading to your cat in the easy chair. Your Voice, Body Language, Hand Gestures and Looking at The Audience all help to convey what you want The Listeners to hear & understand. Practicing in front of a mirror or a small group of friends does help. Reading your bits out loud (in the shower, in the car at a stop light, whilst making love… ooo maybe not, but you get the gist) will do wonders for your performance.

*This is Rain or Shine! The Refuge is HUGE and we have plenty of room.

*Lots of Parking. Carpool to save gas.

*There will be Food Vendors with Yum Yums (Will post these details soon!)

Check back every day or so and this will have been updated.

Peace and Much Love!


*ADDRESS: The Refuge in Dakeng DongShan Paradise 東山樂園! 台中市北屯區東山路二段151之2號 東山樂園 Taichung Taiwan


This is VERY easy!

From Taichung: Zhong Gang Road… get on to Wenxin (or Wenshin) Road and go NORTH.

you stay on this road the WHOLE WAY.

Wen Xin (OR WENSHIN) Road turns into DONGSHAN Road or Route 129!

Cross over BEITUN (sometimes spelled PEITUN). Though this Road changeS its name from Wenxin to Dongshan - IT IS THE SAME ROAD!

Stay on DONGSHAN until you get to the DAKENG TRAFFIC CIRCLE (If there wasn’t a Temple in the middle, go straight ahead!)

Go around the Traffic Circle and continue NORTH on 129 (Dongshan Road) (you’re almost there 5 more minutes!)


It looks a bit like a castle. We are the serfs in the back of the castle hidden snug away!

Look for a Big Yellow Home-made REFUGE Sign then LOOK FOR Yellow SIGNS AND FOLLOW THEM… to the Parking lot.

Facebook page:!/event.php?eid=186162471433835