The Wulai free outdoor hot springs are no more.


Seems like a shame to me, it’s always nice to have an outdoor soak so these pools were a nice option. I guess the locals were against it as it took business away from the generic hot spring resorts around the town? I took a few friends from out of the city up there a couple of times for something a little different, I guess I’ll have to find somewhere else.


This article isn’t actually clear. It says the “facilities” have been demolished. Does that just mean that changing shacks and concrete dividers have been smashed but the water is still warm?

I can still remember when the hot springs were hot spots in the river. Back in 1997 or 1998. I’m guessing we’re not going back to that state of affairs, right?


They could have updated it and charge a small price for people to go in and attracted more people to Wulai. If you want to attract tourists then attract them, don’t destroy attractions.

I like to drive up there occasionally and hike and then jump in the water and then spend some money on some shops and food and maybe even stay the night in an unplanned hotel. Now I guess I won’t be doing that.


As far as I know the spring water source is right at the river, so the river is warm where the source water enters, but it’s probably not save to bath or swim there without the facilities (in the eyes of the government).


Sad. I really enjoyed myself last year!