The Xbox 360 Thread

After weighing up the pros and cons of upgrading my pc for gaming , or just buying an Xbox 360- I’ve decided to do the latter. A system capable of getting the most out of the new games like Elder Scrolls: Oblivion would require a whole new system that would set me back at least 25k (inc a new monitor)- and the 360 is going for 13k.

Anyway, I want to use this thread to exchange info on such as where to buy games, and to tak about games you like. This is all assuming that anyone on the forums has one yet.

Anyway, the shelves in the stores in Taipei are lacking in terms of game selection- ive seen about 7 titles and 3 of them were car racing games.
After a little browsing, I found that Yahoo shopping has all you need and can get it to you in a few days–you don’t even need a credit card, you can just do a bank transfer.

The site is in Chinese so if you need help with it–ask a friend, or ask me…

What are the hot Xbox360 games? I finally played something that got me interested (Ridge Racer 6 of all things.)

[color=red]Stupid question alert![/color]

Can normal Xbox games be played on the Xbox360?

it is a very good decission, i did the same as you :smiley: imagine the $$$ you’ll need to get the same performance from a pc. yes, the 360 will get outpowered by pc’s one day (soon) but games will be get only better and better when developpers can master this beast. look at farcry on the old xbox.

  • doa4
  • cod2
  • graw (OMG!!!)
  • obvilion
  • burnout (if you havent played the xbox version)
  • farcry (if you havent played the xbox version)

yes, there are pc version for some of these games but you’ll need some really good rig to get them running the way they do on the 360.

got mine 2 days after the japanese launch. this console kicks some serious ass!!!
as naijeru pointed in another thread, the console shop at the 3rd floor of nova (on the left by the stairs) has a larger selection of 360 games (incl. graw).

yes, but not all. microsoft’s site has a list of compatible games ( major games like halo or recent blokcbusters like black are supported. games are added all the time.
the 360 emulates a xbox. man, this is amazing!

There are already over 200 xbox titles that will run on the 360, and all future xbox releases will come with the required emulator for the 360.

The games that are getting the most attention are Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW). There are a few other titles that look good to me…here are some vids I dug up for you…

Oblivion video review … on&pl=true

GRAW gameplay video and trailer … aw&pl=true … er&pl=true

Farcry PC v Xbox 360 comparison … ry&pl=true

Crysis…a future 360 release … is&pl=true

Fight night 3 … ht&pl=true

These are only compressed - low quality vids that don’t do the real visuals enough justice…

how could i forget to mention this one… :fume:

MAN. Graw looks fun. I thought I’d be able to hold out from buying one, but…

Can I stop by someone’s house for an Xbox360 demonstration? :smiley: (beer’s on me :beer: )

depends on what brand… :laughing:

Nothing but the best of course!

Taiwan VEELOO Gold Metal

interesting read about obvilion on pc/360

Do the games available in Taiwan use English? I heard that you can choose which language you want. Is this true?

yes, most games in tw have english voice and ui (there is usually little or no localisation at all for the xbox in tw). for multilingual games, if you set your dashboard to english, games will boot in english.
some games are region-free which means that a ntsc-us version can work on a ntsc-jp console. the best is to ask the shop where you purchase the game or check the forum on lik-sang.

i noticed noone talked about the arcade games. geometry wars is da bomb (literally)! :bravo: highly recommended!

[quote=“miltownkid”]MAN. Graw looks fun. I thought I’d be able to hold out from buying one, but…

Can I stop by someone’s house for an Xbox360 demonstration? :smiley: (beer’s on me :beer: )[/quote]
Would you mind travelling to Hsin Chuang? Bring a Betel Nut Girly Toy(TM?) and you’re good.

In addition to the 3rd floor store in Nova, there are several shops that carry 360 games in the mall underneath Taipei Main Station. One of the stores has an excellent selection and stock. They even have OverG Fighter which I’ve seen nowhere else. I’m not sure what the store’s name is or how to give directions to it but I’ll take a stab at it. I apologize in advance for their shabbiness. Entering the mall from the Taipei Main Station MRT, turn left and walk until you reach maybe the fourth videogame shop. It has several 360 kiosks outside behind which is their 360 stock inside the store. Of the stores in that mall it seems to have the largest 360 selection. You will pass a Japanese import game shop, an unimpressive videogame shop and a second hand videogame shop before reaching this one.

BTW, DO NOT waste your time with the computer market near ZhongXiao XinSheng (Gang Hua?), the selection of 360 games there is pathetic compared to Nova or “the mall under Taipei Main Station.”

I’ll grab one tomorrow. Seems like there are enough gamers around. We need to hook up a Videogame Club :smiley:.

I wonder if Tekken 5 competition exists on this island…

the 3rd floor of the u2 mtv building in shimenting has some cool stuff for console gamers. probably the best spot in taipei for consoles.

man, get doa4 and forget that crappy game please!

you mean "tv games’? :laughing:

Let’s do it then. My space in The Ghetto (aka Hsin Chuang) is available as a potential location. Bring pizza and/or beer plus a 360 controller if you’ve got one.

My 360 games (my skill in said game):

DOA4 (suck)
PGR3 (skilled)
GRAW (kinda suck)
Quake 4 (kinda suck)

I’ve also got a bunch of demos like BF2 and Burnout on the HD.

I have a PS2 but only GT4 and no VGA cable to hook it up to my monitor. I’m temped to pick up Wanda and the Colossus and God of War (if I can find it) but haven’t makde the plunge yet.

if you dont master counter attacks, yes, you suck…
what’s your score in survival? if you passed 50 or 80 wins, you cant be that bad.

i sucked at the demo already… i suck at driving games (besides burnout).

[quote]GRAW (kinda suck)
Quake 4 (kinda suck)[/quote]

im sure you’re being modest :wink: since i play mostly fps, i’ll say i dont suck at these :s

a 360 ‘lan party’ would be cool :notworthy: :s

I bought my 360 this afternoon but have had a whacking headache so I haven’t had a good fiddle with it yet…

I did notice that FPS games are hard work with the joypad…I guess I’m just to used to the mouse ‘n’ keyboard combo.

I also realized that my TV is a pile of SHITE and I will hav to get a nice High Definition one very soon.

after playing shooters for years with first a keyboard and later with the keyboard/mouse combo, i now love playing with a controller. you’ll get used to it. otherwise nothing’s lost, im pretty confident an adapter like the xfps with be out for the 360 anytime soon.

hey, keep that psu well ventilated. dont put it on a tick carpet :smiley: the holes on both extremities should never be obstructed or the psu is fubared!

dont forget to have a look at the many cool demos on xbl. fn3 is one of the most impressive…