The Yanks are invading my home now


Makes me want to go back: … ine-manual


Now don’t get jealous…your sheep are safe from us. :laughing:

There should be a sheep forum. They are oft mentioned in various posts, not just my own, so I can assume that there is a lot of warmth ou there towards our woolly friends. The close relationship between man and sheep should be discussed further in order to deepen the understanding and appreciation of sheep. Just a thought. Baaaaah.

I’m sure we’d all flock to it if there were.

Isn’t this exaggerated. That’s only 1000 resident permits a year which is nothing really? If you look at a small country like Belgium in europe it takes in 40,000 refugees a year.

It also doesn’t say how the hell they got residency which I believe is not that easy. It seems like they are mostly millionaires and property developers who are getting cheap land. These guys travel the world looking for the latest ‘good deal’. They’ll make money when farm property booms or if they favourably settle Maori land claims I guess,

Don’t worry when the land get’s more expensive the foreign developers always move on somewhere else.That’s life.

Plus the article doesn’t mention much about the anti-immigration parties which have sprung up there. There’s almost an undertone that there are too many Asians and you’d better bring in whities. But admittedly California/N.Zealand are pretty damn similar in some ways.Well I guess it’s a good thing overall if they bring in more money but I think it would be a pity if they started closing access to property.

After the Californians have built all their little wooden houses along the coast, you Kiwis can just wait for the first good storm to come along and blow them away. Then sell them bricks for ten times the going rate.

…or light a fire and still get a good a good price for selling those mugs bricks after their tinder boxes have burned down.

Pardon me for being stupid, but how is this a benefit to the people who live there? Or lived there, before they could no longer afford to live there?

If the influx of foreign money simply drives up property prices then how does the average Kiwi buy a place to live? Or am I missing something? Maybe I’ve just been blinded by spending a few years in California and being flabbergasted by the level of debt that people support just to keep a roof over their heads.

I lived in San Diego, one of the best cities in the USA. I had a great time and a good life. Wellington was far better. Why spoil it?

Start changing your spelling boys, the American’s are taking over.

At least they’ll add some [b]color[/] to NZ with their wild sense of humor

Wait … something is wrong here… color or colour, humor or humour? What is it again???

as a californian, i say good riddance. the people described in this article are the the same ones who took over washington and oregon. they sell their million dollar houses(a million does not buy you much here) and then buy 2 or 3 houses somewhere with a cheaper housing market. a lot of them are leaving because california doesn’t look like it did when they were growing up here. take that how you will.

i’d rather let in more poor immigrants who just want the chance to work hard than these expats who contribute nothing except a higher cost of living.

I’d like to warn every Kiwi: accept the Californians but DON’T accept their ideas on over-development.

A word about the place they left: the over-development of California is what is turning it into a festering shithole. As a third-generation Californian I cringed when I read about the golf course being developed. Some background: where I grew up there were open fields that a kid could play in. There were still crayfish in the creek near my home. The devopment droids turned the creek into a lovely park which happens to be completely sterile. And there is absolutely NO open, undeveloped space.

In the 80’s it was Silicon Valley and South Orange County that got turned into vast concrete nightmares. Now I’m seeing that New Zealand could be next. Great. Another step forward towards suburban sprawl. Another majestic landscape turned into townhouses, fast food outlets, tract homes and hour-long commutes.

"It’s Beautiful! Partition it, pave it, and re-name it “McZealand”!

Two New Zealand sheep herders are flying the herd to a new farm. Suddenly, the engine fails and the plane begins to fall quickly to the ground.
SH1: Quick! Grab a parachute and jump!
SH2: What about the sheep?!?
SH1: Fuck the sheep!!!
SH2: (pause) Do you think we have time?

The name of this thread is all wrong. Americans don’t invade, we liberate.