Theft in Taiwan

Interesting. Did not know it was so serious here but makes sense given the general “safeness” in the country.

As a foreigner on a visa-exempt entry, is it perhaps stirring up trouble to go to the police with a petty theft of personal property where there is video evidence? Pointless/waste of time if I don’t speak Chinese?

Again it isn’t as important to me to get the item back (frankly in this whole Coronavirus climate I wouldn’t want it back because you never know who took it), as is the concept of “justice.”

Relatedly, would it make the papers?

I think if you are legally here, it won’t be a trouble of you. There is a police station dealing with foreigner related cases and you are supposed to get a translator in a court, and having a court case might be a reason to be granted a visa (extension).

Yes I am here legally, but that is a funny perspective to get a visa exemption based on a court case.

I’m not sure I’d want a court case though or even to report it to the police, more than anything because it seems like such a thing would make the newspapers?

I don’t have a desire for the public eye in that way - and it seems that if even somebody stealing a fruit or can of coffee will make some news site somewhere, you get a foreigner reporting a petty theft and it just has the potential to go viral, at least in a small way. Not sure that’s what I want to be known for…

Well, it’s either that or yams…

A few days before Christmas 2019 in Taoyuan someone stole the wreath right off our door. We got the culprit on camera but the police didn’t really want to waste their time over a NT200 wreath.

Yet they chased this guy for accidentally walking out with a $65 bag of candy.

My wife had her credit card stolen today.

She got a call saying someone spent 7k online asking if it was her and that her cc had been handed in at the police station.

She thinks she dropped it on the bus because someone handed it into a police station along the bus route.

It was handed in at 4 but wasn’t used until after 4. So the guy took a pic?

My wife was like cancel the payment.

But the cc company says they can’t. They have to wait until the company takes the money. I don’t understand why.

The police also say they won’t do anything until the payment is taken because as of right now, there’s no crime.

So it’s not a crime to try and fail to commit credit card fraud?

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Is this the Fubon one you both just got, where they asked you for a guarantor but not her?

If so, seems like a good opportunity to call the bank back up and highlight which of the two of you proved to be the more careful customer. :whistle:


No. Ha ha. One of the others.

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… because the police officer is the one who went on a shopping spree with the credit card that was handed to him.

He was the one saying there’s nothing to be done.

Exactly. And he’s saying that because he’s also the one who received the card and went on a shopping spree with it.

Do you know for sure it’s some cops stealing credit cards?

If you have proof you can probably report to the national police agency…

@HongKonger was joking.

I suspect someone found it on the bus. Took a pic and then left the actual card.


Those things are easy to trace… it’s not that easy to get away with credit card fraud anymore especially since the bank loses money on this. Anyways get it charged back and they’ll find whoever used it…

The police were saying they can trace the IP address that the payment came from. But like I say, that process only starts after the payment goes through and after my wife makes a formal report.

She was initially thinking that if the money gets charged back, she won’t bother.

That was two hours ago though.

Now she is stomping around talking about not letting the shit get away with it.

By the way, he/she bought online games or something like that.

I guess it makes sense. How are they supposed to establish that anything happened

It makes sense from the police side.

I just wonder why the CC company can’t just stop the payment.

They phone up to ask us if we bought something.


Ok, well we will wait until the payment goes through and then sort it out.

Can’t you just stop it going through?


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I think that happened to me before too. It may be that the person reporting it could be trying to cancel a valid charge for services? Maybe you can contact the vendor about it?