I ran a search but to no avail…

Are there any English speaking therapists (NOT psychiatrists) in Taipei besides at the Community Center in TianMu? Maybe downtown somewhere around the zhongxiao east rd. area?

think i need to see someone who can provide me with the impartiality therpists do… help me sort some stuff in my head and heart…

You know if you split “therapist” into two words you get “the rapist”. Think about it, man. They get inside your mind and violate your inner feelings. Harsh.

Taipei Mental Health Center
Jinshan S. Road, sec. 1, no. 5

I would go there and ask. I bet they could point you in the right direction.

This one is counseling support for foreign workers, it may be religious.
Tel: 2564-2546, 2564-3157
Fax: 2563-9774
Address: 2F, 67, Alley 101, Xinsheng N. Rd. Sec.2

thanks, Richardm
I’ll give them a call.