There IS irony in Taiwan … /11/197570

Taiwan to share water tips in Japan

The nation’s experience in managing groundwater and controlling urban flooding will be shared with representatives from more than 150 countries at the 3rd World Water Forum being held next week in Japan.

“It’s a good chance for Taiwan to publicize its experience in water-resources management,” said Water Resources Agency Director Hwang Jing-san (黃金山), who will lead a delegation composed of 30 government officials and water experts to the forum.

I remember about 4 years ago when a super typhoon came through and there was a lot of flood damage around Taipei, they asked the guy whose job it was to control the flood gates why he hadn’t closed them. His answer was that when he got to the dam, he realized he had left the gate control keys in his other pants. I wonder if this is the same guy.

This is off the topic of irony, but related to water. Here is a link to the World Water Council which is organising the 3rd World Water Forum in Japan.

Some of the information on the website is frightening.

[quote=“WWC press release”]