"There is no rule of law in Pingtung County"

Are any forumosans familiar with life in Ligang Township (里港) in Pingtung?

Have any forumosans dealt with local officials, or the police, or the court system in Pingtung?

This story in today’s Taipei Times by long-term resident Michael Turton centers on the trials and tribulations of a leisure farm named DaMorLee (大茉莉農莊) in Ligang. It’s a sobering read.


Turtons shouldn’t blame KMT on this, it’s just local official gangster tie ups as usual and a central government that doesn’t care whoever is in power.

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Honestly I hope this story somehow gets the attention of the DPP’s Pan Meng-an. He looks like a guy who wants to do good for his county (note the impressive looking library project and other recent work). This gangster like reputation and official complicity with it should be an embarrassment to him—it makes Pingtung look terrible. It’s time for this sh&t to stop.

Let’s see if he’s as hip as Audrey. @panmengan . Apparently not! :upside_down_face:


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Turton is claiming (I don’t think he’s wrong) that this arrangement is one of the less likeable leftovers from the KMT dictatorship, which brought gangsters en masse with them to this island and continued to utilize them via Black Gold tactics right through the Lee Teng-hui era. Leftovers of this system remain, and this is yet one more unhappy example.


Pretty ancient history. That rings like a convenient political attack at a favorite target. It’s long past time to be using that excuse if it ever was a good one, the reality would seem to run much deeper.

I agree. Hence my hope that the DPP’s Pan will see this.

It’s too late to ask Lee Teng-hui to step in and intervene. . .


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If you want rule of law in Taiwan, where do you live? Taipei City (a pan blue stronghold). Everything outside is taike.

I don’t get Turton’s article. Surely, if there is no rule of law in Pingtung, the DPP magistrate in Pingtung is to blame?

Sounds like newbie Blame the KMT for everything pablum :laughing:

sounds like thailand, again

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You know you can just search the user by clicking the menu button right?

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even though half the mayors elected by Taipei aren’t blue?

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He had dinner with a senior judge once, who told him he should be careful because the stone company was dangerous, a sentiment echoed by the police.

Stuff like this always cracks me up. You’ve got a police that looks like this:

But when there is a “dangerous company” or a bunch of Thugs,they suddenly act like they accidentally ended up in uniform this morning due to a strange chain of events and misunderstandings.


Ahahahaha, god damn. Im laughin and crying at the same time. If people knew what went on there they would puke. I mean, it can be very extreme!

I am going to bite my tongue REALLY hard and just say that pingtung has beautiful places and if you are not connected to there (eg. Family, business etc) you will have a good time. Foreigners love pingtung until they marry into the society for the lon time and get a right quick lesson in reality. Aboriginal society is also vastly different than that of han corruption and crime. But there are good people there too, I am sure many people are willfully ignorant about pingtung. And frankly, thats the best way to live there…


What I say still is true according to Wikipedia. Would you not agree Taipei is still a stronghold (along with the East Coast) vs the South (where Turtonites reign supreme ha ha)? Which is why I am shocked Turton is going after a DPP magistrate area.

Based on the outcomes of previous elections in the past decade, the vote of the overall constituency of Taipei City shows a slight inclination towards the pro-KMT camp (the Pan-Blue Coalition);[91] however, the pro-DPP camp (the Pan-Green Coalition) also has considerable support.

Way back when i taught kids, the grandkids of both blue and green mayoral candidates came to us. Their grandparents would always be arrested and contested, as per the standard. The fun thing was i had a class with both sides grandkids in the same class. it was great fun, especially when grandpa always came to pick them up at the same time. Teaching colors was always a farce haha

Building bridges.

Causing prison terms.

Loose lips sink ships.

Never boring.

Slight inclination hardly represents the ‘strong’ in stronghold :rofl:

Taipei is essentially a battleground. Has been for years.

I’d agree if it was Miaoli, but Greater Taipei is not as blue as Alberta.

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Apparently Pingdong is breaking the laws of summer weather too haha.

Hail a couple days ago! Anyone else there see it?

no, but i did see John Lamorie on a facebook group, posting away

small world!

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Who is that?

Didn’t you read the story in the first post in this thread?

Folks on their phones never read anything anymore. :rofl:


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Turton never saw a problem he couldn’t blame on the KMT.

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