They love me, they love my watch

From the black is white, deny everything, even when caught in flagrante delicto. Is it really any wonder no body trusts these people?

[quote]Who’s watching Bush’s watch?
GLAD-handing US President George W.Bush may have given adoring Albanians more than his affection when news footage and photographs showed him apparently having his watch stolen off his wrist in front of a throng of secret service agents.
Mr Bush was being mobbed by a euphoric crowd in the town of Fushe Krujein, near the capital Tirana when the handsome watch with a dark strap disappeared.

Some media outlets and a video showed images suggesting Mr Bush’s watch vanished while he shook hands with enthusiastic Albanians during a weekend stop there.

It was there one second, gone the next.

The White House flatly denied Mr Bush and his minders were outwitted by a common thief and said the watch was not stolen.

"No, it was not. It was placed in his pocket,’’ White House spokesman Tony Snow said.

"The President put it in his pocket and it returned safely home.’’ [/quote]


Much as I like the story, other photos show him putting his hand behind his back for his Secret Service agents to remove the watch and place it in a pocket. they probably guessed that it was likely to get nicked.

Would have been a good drinking story.

To me it looks like it fell/ was torn off his wrist - in the time in which it disappeared and his hands aren’t visible you can see him looking down twice.

The CIA already have a suspect in a secret prison in Poland- not only has he confessed to stealing the watch, he’s admitted to a plot to blow up the White House and revealed where Saddam’s WMDs were.

Someone’s nicked HCG’s link.

Hmmm, should I believe photographic evidence or that lying sack of shit, George W. Bush? :ponder:

When he actually produces the watch again for the public to view, then I might consider his version. Maybe.

If the White House is lying ( bit of a redundancy there; if their lips are moving…) it’s to avoid embarrassment for the Albanians, not Bush.

Albania has a less than savoury reputation in the rest of Europe; apparently some blogs discussing this over there had to close down their comments because of the torrent of abuse against the poor Albanians.

No, no, I beg to differ. The reason the Bushies would Bushit (I like that one) about this is because it would reduce the impact of the news shots of throngs of Europeans eagerly lined up to express their love for dear leader. It’s not an insult to the Albanians, I mean they do know who and what they are.

Bush is merrily leaping out of cars and doing the bold walk with the crowds becase it says to AmeriKKans, look, they love me over here. Bear in mind AmeriKKKa’s infamously poor knowledge of the world outside of the local shopping mall and obviously being loved by Europe’s most unloved isn’t an issue.

Now if you do buy the Bushit version of this tale, what does that say about Bushie’s perception of Albanians? “Oh shit, better slip off my watch before one of these damned gypsies nabs it.” :laughing:

I’m just hoping someone throws a baby at him and manages to nab something else.


You’re both right. Bush wishes to cultivate Albania as a political ally, so when a negative rumor circulates about the character of Albanians, Bush took the natural step of speaking in their defense, even if it may have meant lying.

Yes he said it to avoid embarrassment for the Albanians, but not out of the goodness of his heart, but because he’s trying to woo the Alabanians as a friend and trying to convince the American people that they are worthy of being our friend.

But your last point is a good one, HG:

who gives a shit anyway??

it’s not like the watch contained the launch codes of the nuclear arsenal…oh wait…

But couldn’t he just buy another watch…?


Does everybody realize why Bush got a hero’s welcome there? Because he had just reaffirmed that Kosovo should be recognized as independent. A lot of Serbs probably feel that they’re being pickpocketed right now.

(I do sympathize with the Kosovars, but think they should partition the country so the Serbian half gets to stay in Serbia. Hope Russia sticks to its guns…so to speak!)