They once were here, but now are gone

How about a sticky for any restaurants, shops, or service providers who relocate or go the way of the Do-do?

Maybe it could be called something like…Whatever happened to…?

Just a thought…:loco:

Shops like the Tienmu store have been around for a good while, and it would be nice to know if they are still around in a new location or altogether gone.

Anyone know what happened to the Tienmu shop?
I have a friend who is dire need of a few Butterfingers!!!

:help: :help:

Um, er…did a search and found the posting on the closing of the Tienmu shop.


Still think the sticky would be a good idea though…

Whatever happened to the KitKat bar? They’re MIA in all the convenience stores. I’ve only been able to find them packaged with the new improved Milo choco bar at a small local supermarket whose stock is disappearing. :help:

For butterfingers check my thread [url]Butterfingers and Rolaids

Mykonoe, one of the best restaurants in Taiwan, is closing (if it hasn’t already closed by now). They said they plan to reopen elsewhere early next year, but who knows. :frowning:

Kitkat bars ( both small AND large ) are alive and well in Wellcome supermarket…

What I want to know is what happened to the ‘creme caramel’ puddings you used to be able to get in Wellcome ( and other supermarkets )… the kind where you get a separate small carton / portion of caramel sauce and you can pour it over… yum !

Are there any MTVs still left on this island, anywhere?

The last one I went to was in Pingtung, but that was a couple of years ago. I doubt it’s still around now.

Where did all the cheap beer go?

They’re still in Ximending.


I remember seeing KitKats at 7 Eleven… I think you can also get the fun size 10 packs at Carrefour or Costco

but this was 10 months ago… so i dunno

Tim Tams! Where are the old 10 or 11 per pack Tim Tams? They used to be available in milk and dark chocolate. They used to cost around 30 to 50 NT.

Wellcome does AFAIK have Tim Tams.

Costco has both Kitkats and Tim-Tams.

Are they the 10 per pack kind or the new waste of money 20 per pack boxes?

Didn’t notice, but since it’s Costco, everything is mega-industrial size. I’d hazard a guess that they were 20’s at the least.

Watsons has Tim Tams, and they are often on sale for half-price.