They went ahead and made the CWB website horrible :(

In hopes it was just to rwmake the mobile site which many websites do, i put it on deaktop mode (onthe phone). To no effect.

Is there a way to view the older version still? That was one of Taiwans best websites. Clean, very detailed qith tone of information. Easy to navigate and do what you need.

Now it looks like a wix site :frowning:

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The new one is much better , sorry, we can actually find stuff . :grin:


Looks better than the old one and seems easier to navigate.

The old site was crap. The new one is less crap.

Same thing happened to Weather Underground app and did away with the Android Widget.

The splash page when opening the app says “An IBM Company” , damn you IBM. I want my Widget back.

“The coldest cloud-top temperature is lower than -80.2°C” Does that mean -81°C or -79°C?

Try this:


The new one is great!

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The new one is much better

New one is rubbish, thank goodness the old old can still be found. For instance the probability of rain where I work is far far higher than where I live - on the old one I could click on forecast, then 386 townships and get the chance of rain for work. After 20 mins of looking I still can not get those numbers on the new site.

That for me is a huge loss and a reason to use the old site only.

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Ask Google or Alexa :wink:

wix site

New site is using bootstrap, the twitter library. Version 3 which is strange, considering 4 has been out for a long time…

There is a cliche of oldtimers in the workplace hating all new technological improvements. “The new accounting system is shit, I prefer the old one”.

Not calling anyone an oldtimer, just saying…

Which is a bit silly when it was available on the CWB before and now you have to use a foreign system to get local weather info?

As to the oldtimer thing, I have no issue with the new stuff if it is as useful / better than before. This is not better for me, it seems to have withdrawn easy access to something I used daily, therefore I prefer the old site.

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I like and use the iOS app. But I always laugh at the absurdity when I accidentally pull it up while traveling and it says ‘You are not in Taiwan’. Cheers to the developer! :rofl:

You guys actually like the new one better? Seriously?

I suppose i should clarify my stance. The cwb site is a scientific information portal. It serves a huge service for people and industry alike. A service to provide data to everyone.

The old site site had everything laid out on one page and was easy and relatively easy to load. The new site is like a friggen barnie cartoon. dora cartoon for the yougnins. You have to reload a bunch of different pages to possibly find stuff.

I get simplicity. I follow the old saying that the best mathematician is a lazy one. And it is nice when/if the service matches the market. But this is a technical site with massive liabilities and, at least i thought, was serving a technical service to the public. If we want cute clouds dancing around the background while an odometer tells me what position the sun is at…jesus. Sun angle can bee seen out a window to gain the same precision as that dumb bandwidth wasting piece of pixels. If someone needs the actual data, they still need to look up the stats. They made this whole site for children now…not cool. Could just add a “click here for pretty colors” link in a big banner at the top for the people just lpoking to see things move around.

Just look at old vs new:

Old site with lots of data and easy to navigate and find (for people whith grade 4+ reading comprehension). Says the guy who cant type worth shit on his phone, this should be applauded that the gov can accomplish such literacy.

/\ 2 screenshots for entire thing by the way, look at all that data i a very easy to find top down, left to right fashion.

The new site (aka kindergarten arts and crafts fun)

Ya, exactly. Leave it to online game players to shape the scientific data platforms for the masses. Not cool.

This old dude, that isnt actually old, is speechless. Why does everything now need to be made simpler, more colorful and basically for idiots? Other things fine, but not scientific services for scientific use. 10% of tv has fancy colorful stuff to gaze at ahowing us sunny skies ornscary typhoons. Newspapers and countless others. This site is (was…) for data not cute.

The movie Idiocracy. For f*ck sakes. The election retardation levels are enough. Dont mess with good solid services and copy dumb services that already exist for free… :face_vomiting:


Thank you!

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+1 on the new one! even tourists will have an easier time reading it. simpler, better user experience.

God no, I’ve been using it for years and still had to dig around for long term forecasts , radar and rainfall…Was very messy.

Nooooo…it was so easy. On the old one. Not just by city but by every township. New one has that but you have to reload a few pages to get there. The old one was laid out on the homepage.

You and me need to have a beer, or tea, and work some shit out…



New site:

Old site

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