Thin Lizzy Live: Still In Love with You … re=related

Thin Lizzy.
One of the greatest underrated rock bands of all time.
Phil Lynott.
A most astute black Irish poet.
Dead at 36, January’86.

Good footage & sound. Rare on the youtube.
Classic song.
Most apropos in these fluid & fluctuating times.......

Loveitloveitloveit! Phil Lynott: iconoclastic irish hippie junkie brotha! Version of “Whiskey in the Jar” on my perpetual playlist.

That’s what I’m talking about! “Don’t believe a word” was a nice sequitur.

One of the best songs, best artists, and best music groups in modern times.

I got a soft spot for Thin Lizzy, too.

I saw them back in the summer of '78 at the Cow Palace, in San Francisco with The Cars and Kansas. It was kind of a weird mix of groups, and it seemed like there were an equal number of fans from each band.

I was still a kid when he died but remember the shock in Dublin, he was one of many many victims of a heroin epidemic in Dublin at the time. That is one band I would have LOVED to see live in it’s heyday!

In the tiny microgenre of Irish Hard Rock Bands Fronted By Half-Black Bassists With Van Morrison-Style Soul Vocals, it’s hard to think of a band better than Thin Lizzy.

I seen them so many times. Great band.
“Is there any girls out there with a bit of Irish in 'em? Is there any who WANT a bit of Irish in 'em?”

Thin Lizzy supported by the Undertones. Could you beat it? I still have the Kerrang! with him on the front page on the news of his demise. A black Irishman in a pink silk suit in 1986. The man had class. Sadly missed. But still very much a part of everyone’s memories.

Glad you’se all liked it…
If I’d known this long ago, we coutta arranged ur velly own 'Vive for Philo"

This also good:
A little past my favorite era, but still awesome live craftmanship.

That was good, but while I was there, I clicked “Whisky in the Jar.” I’d never heard their version before. Great Cryin’ Emma! Fine!