Things that age well

I’ll start.
100 year old whiskey.




Many things. Ham, cheese, wine…

I haven’t aged too well, although I’m probably at my slimmest in 30 years.


Action Comics #1

10 cents in 1938 and now worth several million dollars.


The story and art were sh!t though. :laughing:

I’d argue many of those classic comics are better than the ones that are getting pumped out nowadays.

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Your argument is based on the appreciated value of AC #1 vs the most woke PC identity politics example of contemporary superheroes? And yet still, zero about the story lines?

Whatever…fun thread. Let’s keep it that way. :banana:

It’s never a fun thread when you reply to me because you always like to stir shit whenever you see one of my posts. You can’t help yourself.

Looks like you decided to argue. I’ve read AC #1 many times over the years. The story blows and the pre ww2 art is laughably grandma Moses.

Furthermore, I read comments and reply. Most times I have no idea who I’m responding to at first, so, yeah.

I would argue” is not synonymous with “let’s argue.” It’s a mildly worded term basically meaning I think or this is my opinion. I use “I would argue” in my lectures before expanding upon my thoughts. You’re either intellectually dishonest or truly as dense as you sometimes come off as anyone who has any passing acquaintance with the English language knows that’s a casual and colloquial term expressing one’s opinion. But I’m going with intellectually dishonest as you obviously love stirring shit at any possible opportunity. Perhaps because you haven’t aged well.




Ditto, feels like educational facebook :popcorn:


The first three Sonic the Hedgehog games and Sonic & Knuckles

The first iPhone.

GIF file format.

Taylor Swift.

Tom Cruise.


Early Simpsons episodes.


Not season 1 though. Some of those were, and still remain, unwatchable. By season 4 it was magnificent. Last Exit to Springfield is a masterful episode (Lisa needs braces?)

Jaws has aged well. Ditto Angela Bassett.


You are kidding right?

A mockery of progressive values? They need to be cancelled immediately, without discussion.

Tom Cruise has aged very well. He’s almost 60.

Yeah, no.

He probably looks youngish for his age but he does not look particularly good or well.

Now Angela Bassett, Halle Berry (black don’t crack), Salma Hayek have aged well. Amongst guys I’d say Liam Neeson and Bryan Cranston have aged well. Not necessarily wrinkle free, but they look good.

^I mean, holy shit.

She was like 51 here and looked about 35.

^Just a few days ago. She’s 55. Her tits look freakish, though.

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Just in case you forgot how the whole thing began. :joy:

You just don’t seem like you accept the idea that people can disagree with you. And you seem to project nefarious intent every time I engage you.

That’s not what annoyed me. It was your second condescending reply where you get a couple shots in and then talk about keeping the thread fun (implying I was the one who initiated this). As usual, you can’t help yourself. The only time I “engage you” is when you first engage with me. I clearly don’t like you so I almost never reply to any of your posts. The reason I don’t care for you is because you stirring shit with me is not a one-time thing, but more like an every-time thing. Whenever you reply to me it’s some petty dispute with what I’m saying. I can’t think of one positive interaction I’ve ever had with you on this board. So just stop replying to me and leave me alone.