Things that I love/hate in Summer

I hate

  1. dozen of stinky and smelly high school boys in a crowded MRT car during rush hour.
  2. unreasonable chilly air-con wind.
  3. Sweating Taiwanese obasans jostle with me.

I love

  1. cute and smell good girls in low-cut T-shirt and short skirt.
  2. Summer night walk along the riverbank
  3. ice cream

I hate:

  1. The Heat
  2. The High Noon Sun
  3. Bugs that thrive on the above.

I Love:

  1. Summer dawns & evenings.
  2. Rememberance of Things Past, those long lost summers that once seemed perfect enough to last forever…
  3. Zapping critters all along my multi-tiered, concentric ringed perimeter.

I hate: Heat, typhoons, high electric bills, lower income, sweating, retina-burning sunlight

I love: Girls in skimpy outfits, more free time, hiking to places with lovely swimming holes, sun sets later

I love:

Cool days in the mountains
A/C in every room
Long, long days at the beach
Wearing shorts/polo shirts for six months out of the year
River tracing/swimming
Summer Barbeque’s
My neighborhood outdoor swimming pool.
Washing my car/bike in my driveway and dousing myself with cold water in the process.
Those super hot, but clear days where the visibility seems to be unlimited. Watching supertankers in the Taiwan Strait go by during a fiery sunset on said days.

I hate:

People that actually enjoy Taiwan’s wet, cold, miserable winters
Damaging Typhoons

Summer in Taiwan Rocks…Bring on the heat!

I hate:
the heat (and all the related problems, the list is endless)
waiting for my house to flood

I love:
The clear blue sky
The smell when I go for a walk just after the rain
Short skirts and short shorts
Kids full of energy because they haven’t just spent eight hours in class and then come to buxiban.

I hate:
Super smelly sweaty people (and all too often, being or feeling like one of them)
Contributing to global warming with my occasional use of the AC
Hot cooked exhaust
Voracious packs of mosquitoes that like to eat foreign cuisine :frowning:

I love:
How refreshed a cold drink can make me feel
How a cold shower feels
Reading excellent books outdoors, then indoors, then outdoors again
Watching my cat sleep on his back with his knees and toes in the air so as to “air out” his quickly overheated tummy

I hate everything you guys love …
I love everything you guys hate … uhm … carry on …

Oh, going naked in the house …


the oppressive humidity and heat
feeling dirty and sticky all the time
the lack of shade
the big bugs

what do I love about summer in Taiwan?? Nothing…

The skinny girls in short skirts
The heat and sunshine
A cold beer after a long day
Not wearing socks for 6 months of the year
Swimming in the community outside pool

Jurassic size flying bugs
When it ends (but winters aren’t so bad here)

This is the hottest summer I have ever had, and it’s getting hotter.

[quote=“Belgian Pie”]
Oh, going naked in the house …[/quote]

Geez! Don’t tell us that!

Are you going to show up at the Curry Event in this way?

[quote=“kate.lin”][quote=“Belgian Pie”]
Oh, going naked in the house …[/quote]

Geez! Don’t tell us that!

Are you going to show up at the Curry Event in this way?[/quote]

… that’s out the house … I’ll were at least a G-string … thong … hbejhefbjn

Hate having such huge temperature differences between inside and out.

Love the occasional typhoon, crushed ice desserts, the smell of baking wood in old communities, the sound of cicadas, and shirtless drivers of little blue trucks.

Are you stalking sandman? I found the pic of your avatar really looks like sandman.

Them’s fightin’ words! Honestly, this must be how (insert lesser known member of your favorite band here) feels.

hate : not having an espresso in a coffee shop next to the beach, the lack of the Atlantic Ocean cool breeze to cool me down, not having 200 girls doing topless on the beach, great salads in a villa above the Douro River, while watching the boats go up and down, the inexistence of Gelateria Marghera in Yi-lan…

love: I just love Taiwan…

Cold baths at the end of the day.
Uncrowded beaches.
Warm nights.
Summer weight loss.

Summer acne.
Smelly people on the MRT.
I can wear SPF50-PA+++ and still get sunburned.
Taiwanese making fun of me for sweating.

I enjoy sitting around in my sleeping shorts all day. Wish I could go to work like that… :smiling_imp:

Hate the electricity bill in summer. Whether you use the a/c or not it’s way more expensive than in winter. :fume:

I love the smell outside after a rain during summer. Mmmmm…

I hate my body launching into a full sweat while taking a poo. (sorry)

I also hate that when you’re sweaty on the toilet, you can’t seem to stay on properly or get a good grip to finish your business properly. (sorry again)

Gosh! I am lucky to read it before my lunch break!