Things that make you love your SO (cute/funny things..etc)

  • She talks to my dogs (which I do too)

  • She plays online games (you have no idea what a bonus that is)

  • She will cutely talk to people in video games. example: “Why did you hit me?!? Do you think you can beat me? I will beat you!”

She’s also highly intelligent…which is a bonus…but I wanted to keep this thread about cute or funny things your SO does.

She beats me if I post in threads like this. My bruises are so cute! :slight_smile:

The way she thinks, thinks about others, so many things. Doesn’t sound cute… you just have to see her in action. Very Cute.

He is himself.


She’s fiesty. She’s funny. And her bum. Her bum’s very cute.

She ‘aint cute. I’d curl up and die if she was cute. She’s a wumman, goddammit, no’ a feckin’ Hello Kitty doll.

When she talks photography, she refers to “explosure.”


Some of her mispronunciations are adorable. For example, mixing up “cactus” and “octopus”: “cactopus”!

That’s pretty cute.

At his Chinese New Years dinner the Waiter came by half way through the meal and sat down a fork. He picked up the fork and asked who asked for it. Being completely convincingly unsure. Then he looked at the waiter like he was nuts, set the fork back down, and went on eating.
He does stuff like that any time someone does something like that. He completely pretends he doesn’t get it.
Once when we were trying to watch a show, the couple in front of us stared at me the whole time. They hardly ever looked towards the band. Finally, he turned to me and said “I’m sorry I’m so famous.”

I know it doesn’t sound cute. But it is. (also helps me not be uncomfortable and makes me grateful)

mannerisms which indicate fragility, openess or submissiveness are kinda cute i think. like when she indicates no by shaking her head or when she looks to the ceiling. i dunno… feel a bit odd saying that “cuteness” is attractive tho, makes me feel like im a pedo.

She loves the food I cook.

Submissiveness I can picture. But what are mannerisms which indicate openess or fragility?

I’m so stupid about women. All I know are mannerisms which indicate rejection. :frowning:

edit: I take that back. When I think of mannerisms indicating submissiveness, I think of a women getting down on her knees and bowing her head onto the floor. She doesn’t really do that, does she?

Your friends and yourself were then all surprised by her perfect skill on using chopsticks for rice.

Hey, my Korean boyfriend insisted I do that whenever I did something he felt I needed to apologize to him for. I did it sometimes, but it seemed so patently ridiculous that I couldn’t believe that he took it seriously.

This thread is toooooooooooooo full of cuuuuuuuuuuteness . . . and it’s nauseating me. :help:

You’re kidding, you actually kowtowed to your Korean boyfriend? :astonished: Oh you forgot the part about you were you giving him the finger at the same time (I hope).


he touches my feet and says" oh my god! your feet are cold" then he takes off his socks and puts them on my feet

I personally think things that we aregue about are cute. Although most of the time they end up being things like this

Grounds for divorce in my house. Or at least my getting smacked on the head with a blunt object.

my gf is super tidy and super organised. She came to visit me in the UK and when she had gone i noticed that she had totally re-organised the things in my cupboard. I actually found this very cute as it showed me that she cares :laughing: And she doesnt get at me too much as i am also fairly tidy :wink: