Things that won't age well -- the thread 🔮

This is the evil twin of Things that did not age well – the thread. If you have a serious prediction that people will be facepalming themselves over something that seems legit for now, feel free to post it here.

Remember to check back here in X years to find out how right or wrong you were! :slight_smile: :doh::upside_down_face:




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Seriously, it’s just a weird phase. People will get bored of it within a couple of years and most (including people who participated in it) will look back at it as a weird thing that happened and went away like many other things.

I have no idea what wokeism even refers to at this point. If you mean people challenging the values and unspoken rules that the elder generation just accepts at face value, then no, that’s been happening as long as humans existed and it will never end, although people who refuse to change might give it a new name, like “wokeism”.

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The unvaccinated.


Yes, exactly. The people who engaged in its extremes will realise they were being fools and the people who allowed themselves to get so worked up about this nonsense will move onto the next outrage. That’s what I think anyway. Maybe the fact that I’m dismissing this whole phenomenon is what actually won’t age well, but I doubt it.

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In your opinion, currently what are these wokists being outraged about?

I was referring to the people who get worked about about the “woke” people. They will move on to the next thing to be outraged about.

Waiting for the resurrection of JFK jr.

The bodies and careers of most TikTok ‘stars.’

Dementia ‘science.’

Hopefully superhero movies.


Amen to that. I swear DC are knocking together a script for ‘Holiday Armadillo vs Batman,’ as we speak.


I’m pretty sure we’d all watch that.


I dislike Marvel just as much.

JLo is taking on the role of the armadillo and Affleck is reprising his role as ‘shit batman.’ After a script redraft the hologram of Gunther was scrapped, sending the project 8 million over budget before pre-production.


Marvel is just DC with swearing.

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Holiday Armadillo is obviously already in DC, so you know it’s coming.



…and ~half the things Explant mentioned, those are not predictions!

This is the thread for things that seem legit for now but will turn out badly in the future!

Any prediction that’s already come to pass, no need for it here. I’ll temp those posts.

(I suppose technically @hansioux’s prediction won’t be officially wrong until March 2022, but if he’s already abandoned it, meh.)

“You’re on the wrong side of history.”

Like you know how history will turn.