Things to do before I leave Taiwan

  1. Visit the Palace Museum – I’ve literally been saving this one for a rainy day.

  2. Be in a Hello Kitty TV commercial or print ad – How do I do that?

  3. Go to Kending

  4. Take the High Speed Train

  5. Try chewing betelnut. Go buy it myself at one of the typical booths.

  6. Learn a few typical convos in Chinese – I’ve let myself down on the Chinese-learning front, but I want to learn at least some typical stuff before I leave. I know how to order all kinds of coffee, for example and instruct taxi drivers where to go, but that’s about it. What should I learn that’s simple but useful?

  7. [b]See a performance at the National Theater /b – chance will have it that I’ve nearly gone a couple of times, even had tickets, and for some reason didn’t. Any upcoming shows you would recommend?

  8. Learn how to cook 3 typical Taiwanese/Chinese dishes

  9. Eat snake, drink blood

  10. Combat Zone

  11. Go to Hualien – Was on my way there once, but never made it. I would like to finish that trip.

  12. Traditional (or at least Typical) Taiwanese wedding – How do I get myself invited to one? My Taiwanese friends are all either Westernized, single or gay.

  13. Eat, swallow and hold down a chicken leg

  14. Eat, swallow and hold down a pig snout - I figure I’ve tried stinky tofu, so I know I’m capable of heroic acts.

  15. Buy some typical souvernir - I’ve got a tea set. My own chops. Plenty of chopsticks. What else should I get?

  16. Get a Chinese tattoo at XimenDing – but not yet sure where.

  17. Ride bicycle down the Southern X Highway – find out where this Highway is and fix brakes on bike.

  18. Get drunk at THE CHIEF beer house - except I hate beer, can I get a girly cocktail there?

  19. Convert a Mormon while riding bicycle - I figure I’ll come up to one while we’re both on bikes at one of those long red-light intersectinons and say: “[i]Hello, Elder… Ever considered becoming Catholic/Jewish/Muslim? Have I got a sweet deal for you!”[/i

  20. Shrimp-fishing in concrete tanks - Is it a myth or do these places really exist in Taipei?

It’s not going to be next week, but soon enough, so I’m starting to think of things I want to do until then.

Don’t cry just yet, there’ll be plenty of time and farewell parties for that :slight_smile:, instead please try to help me by suggesting what to put on my list. You peeps have always been my source of wisdom, humor and unconditional love, so where better to go for this kind of thing.

Feel free to throw in anything, from the most typical touristy to the bizarre; either new items, or how to best go about doing the ones already on the list.

I know you’ll poke fun (and please do!), but try to make some real suggestions here and there, too.

  1. Post naked photos of yourself on Forumosa

I’m going to kending this weekend :howyoudoin:

see me drunk… its quite a show

Is that… rare?

honestly, you’ve hugged me. what more is there? :slight_smile:

not been drunk for about 2 years…

Uh… CHECK! … why do you think I got banned?.. you must have missed that, sorry. I’ve told you this countless times, Dog: Life is happening while you’re busy chasing dogs around the city!

Guys, guys, I know you missed me, but can we at least try to keep things decent in this thread? Please! Thanks!

:slight_smile: me too. More in fact.

Sounds like you’ve already got it all mapped out. :smiley:

[quote=“tash”]things I want to do

Here’s a bouncy… just for that: :bouncy:

poke fun (please do!), here and there, literally (been saving this one for a rainy day.)
How do I do that?
–Go to Kending
–Go buy it myself at one of the typical booths.
–I want to learn at least some typical stuff before I leave.
–instruct taxi drivers
–What should I learn that’s simple but useful?
–See a performance – I’ve nearly gone a couple of times, even had tickets
–I don’t like to, but I want to be able to reproduce back home for friends and family. I have a Taiwanese friend in mind for this.
–I know I’m capable of heroic acts.

What else should I get? One more bouncy: :bouncy: … couldn’t help myself[/quote]

What can I do to help?

get a chinese tattoo at Hsimending:)

OK, I can relax knowing you’ll be here for a looooooooong time! :slight_smile:

I’d change “Take the new high speed train” to “Cautiously watch the new high speed train from a safe distance.”… I know engineers that work on the project who say they won’t be taking the HSR for at least 6 months after it’s opening… :astonished:

I’d add “Ride a motorbike over the Southern Cross Highway” or maybe “get a ride to the top of the Souther-X and ride a bicycle down…” IMO the area around the top of the Southern-X / YuShan is a serious contender for the “most beautiful part of Taiwan” award…

Sorry about no. 4 Tash… but I can take you to the combat zone to a place where I landed my job in Taiwan…and I can teach you how to chew betel nut.

throw a pot out in Ying Ge

No doubt you can be on standby to ably assist :wink:

Attend a Fredfest. - It’s the high point of the Taiwan social calendar.
Attend Spring Scream. - It’s sort of the low point.

Things I regret not doing:
Get to Hualien :blush: I did get within 20kms but my ex got so violently car sick we had to stop for the night and crawl back to Taipei the next day.
Get to the outer islands - Green, Penghu Kinmen, Orchid.
Get to Taidong.
Become a Taiwan citizen, or at the very least a permanent thingee.
Save money!!!


This is a joke, right?

Tash, how about actually bloody replying to an email or phone call?

This is a joke, right?[/quote]

I wish it was.


That sounds like a great idea! That’s exacly what I had in mind as suggestions. Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t have a motorbike but I ride a bicyle. Where is that place? I will have to get my brakes fixed first, though.

I’ll seriously consider this one because it has crossed my mind. I’m just not sure about the location… (I know where the tattoo shops in XimenDing are.)

A pot of what?

But, I do!.. oh, you mean from you? :blush:

I’ll have you know that I’ve been told by several drunk HSR engineers at Carnegie’s that it’ll be ridable before CNY…If not, can I sign up to be a test-dummy?