Things to do in or around Taipei for Chinese New Year

Is there anything interesting or places to see that you would recommend for people staying Taipei for CNY? I need to make a plan because chillin at home for 5 days straight is not an option.


Hike Yangmingshan; no crowds! :slight_smile:

Sounds good. How about a few pointers as to how to get there and where to go for someone who lives in Daan and doesn’t have a scooter?

Is there somewhere I can stay the night, or camp?

Yangmingshan is just to the north of the city, accessible by bus. As for camping, it’s good for day-hikes, but it’s not really that big a mountain. To my knowledge, there are no campgrounds.

Thanks mate.

You can catch bus number 260 on Zhongshan North Road Section one and two or across the street from the ShiLin night market. Just take the red line to Shilin and walk across the big street that runs parallel to the MRT on your right. Take the 260 to the final station and ask around for qi xing shan from there.

Actually, you can do pretty much anything that you ever wanted to in the city, but put off because of crowds: going to see a movie without having to wait in line, taking a spin up to the top of the 101 observatory, taking a ride on the ferris wheel at the Miramar, hotsprings in Wulai or Beitou…lots of possibilities! :wink:

You could try going from apartment to apartment dressed up as GuanDi or Guanyin, knock on people’s doors and call out “Gongxi Facai!” and hold out a large plastic bag waiting for hongbao.

If it works even twice it would be worth it.

are you serious that there are no crowds? so does everyone else just stay at home and eat and eat and eat? people don’t go out to do stuff during their holiday?

The pubs will be open. Spend time with friends who aren’t with their families.

Go and check out Lung Shan temple (Lung Shan temple MRT stop) next weekend. There will be a ton of people there observing the traditional rites. Very interesting, and they probably won’t even notice you.

Hiking, exploring, clubbing. Should be a good week.

Most people hit the road and go back to their family’s home towns, so yes, I am serious. One thing to avoid are the highways travelling south from Taipei, especially tonight and through tomorrow because of what I’ve just mentioned. :astonished:

I’ve done all those things and I live in Yang Ming Shan already. You can also take the #5 from Jiantan or a Taxi will be about 300 but due to the CNY I don’t know what the price will be.

There’s a day (the day after Chinese New Year Day?) where it’s traditional to go back to Mom’s house (“hui niang jia”). So everyone leaves to go see their relatives down south. During that time, Taipei is almost deserted.

Yeah, that’s 初二 Chu1 Er2, the 2nd day of the Lunar Year, which is Monday this time. Taipei’s likely to be emptier at that time.