Things to do in Taizhong

Greetings Forumosans

I plan on taking a trip down to Taizhong this weekend (from Taipei) and would like to know what’s down there! What are some major points of interest? I will likely be arriving at their main long-distance bus hub, unless various bus companies arrive at different locations. I know Taipei prettymuch has one central station for them.

-Good local places to eat
-Natural wonders/parks
-Museums, art, etc

I’ll be couchsurfing with an acquaintance, so a roof and a bed won’t be my primary concern.

Do the transit cards from Taipei work the same in Taizhong?



LOL the lack of responses is decreasing my confidence that I made the right choice in deciding to visit :slight_smile: .

Um, lack of response is probably because there are lots of travel books on Taichung at your local bookstore. There’s a lot to do here and in the surrounding area, and deciding what to do depends on your own personal inclinations.

It’s a kind of smart-ass response, but we’re not travel agents here… That is, unless you’d like to pay me for my time. I’ll take you all over town, showing you some great places.

There are so many different bus stations in Taichung, you might want to check which one you will end up at.
It’s good weather here at the moment!
The art and science museum are good places to visit.

hh, you’re being nice today. :+)

Oh – there is one really interesting thing happening this weekend. The annual food and music festival is happening on Saturday and Sunday, across the street from the art museum. (A simple search should bring up specifics.) Besides listening to some good music, here you can buy food and drinks from Taichung’s many restaurants and buy greeting cards, t-shirts designed by a foreign graphic designer and made in Taiwan, art prints from local artists, and ITALIAN WINE…at my booth. (There will be lots of other things for sale, too).

So I guess I won’t be able to take you out on that tour of Taichung this weekend.

Yes I can be nice on occasion. Thanks for the tip about the festival, will be dropping down myself sometime.

Asking people for their opinion/experiences on a forum, especially a subforum specifically about travel in Taiwan is a legitimate avenue of inquiry :wink: .

The trip is on short notice, so going out, finding a guidebook in English and reading it is not expedient =] . I’ll be staying with a local, so that helps, but it never hurts to know about different goings on.

Besides, I was hoping to hear from people who have been there themselves recently or who already live there, as those are the best sources of info- I seem to have succeeded in my quest =] .

Check on this best things to do in Taichung, you can copy and modify to suit your own preference
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