Things to do in Vancouver ... in 4 hours

I’ve got a short layover in Vancouver of only 4 hours but it’s at a reasonable time of day. What is there to do at the terminal or nearby that could keep from getting stiff in an uncomfortable lounge chair. All I remember about the airport is the big totem pole and lots of fried food. Do they have free wifi?

goto nearby richmond for good chinese food, TGIF-type places, casino, costco, strip joint, and Asian malls.

Actually, you could even hop a bus to downtown, walk around for two-three hours or so, then come back. that’s about 4 hours there.

According to 914, you could eat about 8 dozen fresh oysters accompanied by 3 bottles of chilled white wine in 4 hours. He can, at any rate. He’s doing it htere right now, probably. Lucky musclebound git.

I like the strip joint idea though there is a risk I might go in and never come out. 8 dozen fresh oysters? Aren’t they an aphrodisiac? Or is that the point.