Things to do on Matsu?

My better half and I are planing to travel for a long Weekend to matsu nangang and beigang. Has anyone of you been there? What is your impression of the islands?

I just came back on Tuesday morning from Matsu, my second time there.

I love scootering around the islands, taking in the scenery and enjoying the small town feel and lack of traffic. Just ride and stop at whatever looks interesting.

This trip I went to Daqiu 大坵, a small uninhabited islet off the northeast coast of Beigan, which I highly recommend. It’s famous for its Formosan Sika deer which wander free on the island. It’s a ten minute ferry ride from the harbor at Qiaozi Village, and you’ll return two hours later, which is plenty of time to walk around the islet, enjoy the great views, and mingle with the deer.

On Beigan I like to go to Qinbi Village on the north side. The old style terraced village hugging the hill looks like something out of a Mediterranean coastal village. There’s a cool little beach there. I like Qin Wo 芹沃 Coffee Bakery there, which has some high quality fare including an Italian calzone which is big enough for two.

Also on Beigan, check out Hou’ao Village 后澳村 across the thin strip of beach next to the airport. Besides the quaint village there’s a War and Peace Park Museum which is interesting, but I really like exploring the abandoned military structures, especially Stronghold No. 6 (it’s here, but not listed on Google Maps) which has underground tunnels with gun ports, offices, and sleeping quarters. It’s cool and breezy in the tunnels which is a relief in the hot summer sun.

Nangan has the world’s largest Mazu statue. I personally like the views and snacks at Furen Cafe 夫人咖啡館, but of course part of the fun is just riding around and seeing what you find.