Think this would be a good business in Taiwan? Human zoo

I had a similar idea to this before and thought it could be a good money maker in Taiwan.
There could be an apartment with a viewing room for the guests to watch barbarians in their natural habitat eating massive steaks, guzzling pints of beer and reading porn magazines, dancing, fighting, etc…
As an extra money maker once you get them in the door they have to pay extra to rummage through the barbarians personal things, drawers, cupboard etc… Maybe even a petting zoo kind of thing for another extra few hundred N.T.
The idea would be to make the customer feel good walking out—comfirming all their suspicions on barbarian liefstyle.
Think it would go over well?

SHANGHAI, China - Shanghai is getting set to open a “human zoo.”

Four Australian men will live in a glass box on a downtown mall for two weeks in June, with the public able to watch them sleeping, eating and bathing, a news report said Thursday.

The group, known as the Urban Dream Capsule, has drawn crowds with similar displays in London, Montreal, Hong Kong and other cities.

“They won’t turn off the lights or pull down the curtains. They show their whole life, from getting up to going to bed,” Karen Chang, the event’s organizer, told the Shanghai Daily newspaper.

“People like to watch them taking a shower, so they have to shower at least two times a day,” Chang said. “Of course, one can’t see the key parts, because there is nontransparent glass in the bathroom.”

The 650-square-foot glass capsule is to be decorated in a Shanghainese theme.

Members of the group have been taking Chinese lessons so that they can communicate with spectators, the report said. The public can send e-mail or faxes to them, or put messages on the glass.

“Interaction is a key element of the performance,” Chang said.

Yeh! We even have some qualified residents. We could get the arse patting guy in one cell and just down to the left we have the Canadians…

All I can say is that there are a lot of sick bastards out there.

and how many are willing to pay a quid__=??

:laughing: Given the curiosity of many locals, you could make a mint.
Give the penny-pinching tendencies of the same, you could lose your shirt.
Throw in cheap eats, and you could be on to something. Something silly, but money making nonetheless.

You mean to say that I could have been paid for what I’d been giving away for all those years in Taiwan??? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

All those stares had a dollar value.

I’d be rich.

[quote=“Chang”] “Of course, one can’t see the key parts, because there is nontransparent glass in the bathroom.”


Four Australian men??? Why don’t they include some Sheilas in there as well and make the dunny viewable to the public. If your going to show people your daily habits, you might as well be an exhibitionist – you can charge more coin.

Glass box? Shanghai? June? Sure hope they have air conditioning in there…