Think You Know Your Bands?

I posted this to my FB page and it took off. More than 300 entries in one day.

Thot you lot might like it too.

Screw (that) driver.

A bit of poetic license

Iron Madden

Shamelessly stolen from my friend, also from FB, but I did like Daft Spunk.

The Bland

Not sure if it was Toe’s FB I posted this to, but I put Queef.

Wasn’t mine as my first entry was Queef.

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Durian Durian


The Shite Stripes

Lynyrd Skytyrd - Pronounced Leh-Nerd Sky-Turd

The Ramonas

The Cummunards

The Beagles

Although that’s super adorable.


Guns & Noses

The Stone Hoses

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That’s pretty good!

Just getting started:

Goy George

Cheap Prick


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For the sake of your personal safety, I hope this one doesn’t get back to the thrash metal crowd.