Think You Know Your Bands?



Huey Doofus and the Lose

Paul Weener

One Dissection

Back Door Boys

Desert Pool stained with Camel Piss


There’s flexing the rules of the game and there’s not giving a shit about them and playing your own game.


Whatever man, don’t be a pedant.
I didn’t read the rules I got the concept.

I’ll make my own one if you like and give you back your soiled sandbox…

I can’t help it if I have better band names .

You like to think your life of the party I guess but…

#sense of humour


YA, ok…if you cheat. There is something a little higher brow about being able to masterfully ruin a band’s name with a single letter change. Therein lies the challenge.

And the humour.

But ya, you kicked ass in this game. Masterfully done. We are in awe. Thanks again for lighting the way, oh great one.


Don’t Let the Fun Go Down On Me


Call me a Philistine, but I’m having trouble reverse engineering this one.


Ya, they rock.


Endless Whimpers


Hint: Not these Guys


Stirs on 45


So the answer is Oasis?



The Boors
The Coors
The Doorks
The Doorms
The Hoors
The Moors*
The Poors

*Which supposedly is the origin of Jimmie’s surname, incidentally.


In honor of Halloween, I give you the cast of The Cocky Horror Picture Show:
Tim Furry
Beat Loaf (aka Meat Oaf)
Little Hell


Joke Satriani

No, wait, I can’t do that. I like and respect him too much :frowning:


Mashing Pumpkins


Devon… (80’s band)


Speaking of pumpkins…



But I always was more of Blond Guardian


Iced Hearth had one good record (The dark saga)