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Yes. The only benefit of having such a certificate is that it may entitle you to use a 2-year university degree.


Qualifications for foreign language teachers are covered in Art. 40 to 42 here:

Art. 42 refers to buxibans (so-called “cram schools” or “supplementary schools”). The other types of educational institution are listed in Art. 46 Par. 1 Subpar. 3 of the Employment Service Act.

I’ve never really scrutinized the qualification standards for non-buxiban teachers, so maybe I didn’t notice a loophole in there.

Note that the passport requirement is all about citizenship, not the actual language situation, so for example a Canadian citizen who meets the other criteria is automatically qualified to teach both English and French. :roll:


I just checked the topic you shared, and I am glad to see that I am not the only one thinking that this citizenship thing is stupid :expressionless:
Thanks a lot for the tips!