Thinking of buying notebook eee pc. need some advices

looking for something cheap and reliable. gonna use it mainly for internet (connect to TV screen to watch TV broadcasts from abroad) and sometimes take it to travel. is the aaa pb good for such purpuses?
and if so, which model is reccomended?
know any particular shop recomended?

OK. I think you could get one of several choices…

  1. Asus Eee PC 1005HA which seems a popular choice on Amazon.


  1. Acer AspireOne (my current model) which I bought over a year ago. I like it v. much.

In either case, be aware of battery capacity. If you are using it for all day computing, you WILL want as long as possible. Also consider whether you want a bigger screen for video. And verify that the video playback will be acceptable for you. Not all netbooks play video well yet. If you can try it out first.

Definitely go check out Guanghua Market if you’re in Taipei.

thanks. i will go check this market and the models you mentioned.
what should i “ask” while burgening (softweres, some kind of other gajets…)?

What’s your budget for one?
The Eee PC’s and netbooks in general aren’t great for video playback, at least not if you intend to download anything that is in HD.
If you want small, yet something a bit more powerful, but not that much more expensive then a netbook, then I’d consider teh 11.6-inch Acer Aspire 1410 which now comes with a dual core Celeron SU2300 processor and a better graphics solution than what you get in netbooks. … 08&ROWNO=1
Another alternative would be to hang on until after the 22nd, when a bunch of new notebooks and netbooks should launch (together with Windows 7) and some of those new netbooks will feature Nvidia’s ION chipset/graphics which should boost the video playback performance as well, as long as you use supported video playback software.

My girlfriend just bought a Toshiba notebook at a very good price. She was set on the eepc at first, but it turns out the Toshiba had more functions and the screen was slightly bigger.

ok, so ill chack the ASUS,ACER and Tushiba modesls you mentioned.
do you know if those models have an outlet to TV ? and is there any price estimation?
anyway, if new models will come at the 22nd, i might as well wait a few days. i suppuse the “old” models prices will go down

I have an EEEPC 1000H model. Here’s what I like about it:

  • Compact size, yet one of the larger screens for netbooks (10.1" screen I think).
  • Very good battery life - up to 7 hours! I’ve confirmed this, if you turn off wifi and turn the screen back light to its lowest level (this has the biggest effect on battery life).
  • It doesn’t have a TV-OUT port, but does have a monitor out port. You’ll have to check if your TV allows PC input (mine does, and it works well).

As others have mentioned, video output isn’t very good - even YouTube videos sometimes freeze during playback, so if video playback of any time is your main intention, I wouldn’t get one.

If you’re looking for portability with good battery life for basic web surfing, email etc. then you should be happy with one.

I bought an EeePC. Why?


  1. I can do my work pretty much anywhere.
  2. I can bring it along when I travel.
  3. I can access wireless Internet.
  4. I can edit and upload photos.

My intention is not to watch videos, play video games or do other super-intensive things.

There are better machines as I mentioned and more coming, they commonly go under the name of CULV.
The 11.6-inch models aren’t that much heavier than netbooks and offer better functionality, including HDMI connectivity which allows you to easily connect them to a modern flat screen TV.
The ION based netbooks that should launch along with Windows 7 should also offer this feature.

The Dell notebooks are reliable and priced right. Bought one several months ago and very pleased with it!

I had the use of an eee pc and for a while and the option to buy at a very fair price. It met all of my needs yet I tried so hard to adapt to the keyboard. I just could not handle it.

The Acer’s Keyboard for net book is much more friendly.

I have the Asus and I will say I am very pleased with it. They keyboard takes maybe an hour worth of use to get used to. Its not bad at all.

I bought an Acer Aspire One a few months back:


  1. Battery life. Properly configured I can get up to 11h of battery life or 7-8 if I am watching movies or using net. That is super valuable for longer flights.

  2. Size. It is so tiny that I can toss it in my bag for anything. When i go out practicing photography I use it to dump all my raw image data mid trip so I can evaluate my work.

  3. Disposable. Its like 200 dollars. Sure I would be a little pissed if it were stolen/broken but at that price I can just get another one.

  4. Internet Anywhere. Why use a phone to browse when a quick tether can give you a full terminal.


  1. Sometimes Cheap feel. Again its 200 dollars, you get what you pay for.

  2. Iffy trackpad. Takes serious getting used to.

  3. No bluetooth. to tether I need a dongle.


To improve performance on xp go to themes, appearance, and just turn off any effects. Windows classic theme also is a must. Really helps in the low resource environment.

Windows 7 runs pretty well on it especially since it scales for limited RAM

[quote=“djlowballer”]I bought an Acer Aspire One a few months back:

  1. Battery life. Properly configured I can get up to 11h of battery life or 7-8 if I am watching movies or using net. That is super valuable for longer flights.[/quote]Do you watch HD movies? I am going to visit the US soon. It would make the flight a little less painfully boring.

And, might help learning Chinese, since I hope to avoid writing for a while. But, it would be nice to be able to type when I’m not at home.

u should wait til like…march because jan and feb many companies plan to bring out new systems with new processors…
this could mean current model price drop…
or a same price for new lines.

I dont like the righthand shift key on my Asus EEpc. But they have since improved the placement of that key on newer ones. The best keyboard iv used is on the TOSHIBA netbook. Full sized keys, very nice.

I now use my Eepc as a desktop by hooking it to a 19inch monitor, external keyboard and wireless mouse. Works pretty good.

And if needed I could take it out with me.

Ok i’ve waited as advised for the new models to come. and now i want to by this notebook looking for something cheap and reliable. gonna use it mainly for wathcing DVD movies or internet broadcasts from abroad (connect it to TV screen) and not very often also take it to travel. for this purpse which notebook would you advise? ive heard there are some with no screen, just for the purpose of multimedia station. whats the adventages of those ones?
and if so, which model is reccomended?


i just looked and theis multimedia station called- ASUS Eee Box.
If someone can compare this to a reccomended Asus notebook model i would be thankfull. my recuirements, as mentioned is 90% of the time to be connected to TV screen for DVD and internet broadcast.
thanks again

Correction… i meant to compare with netbook not notebook… those Asus eee pc computers…