Thinking of leveling defamation charges against fake sexual assault claimer

They will counter sue for something, and it will go on and on. Your room mate being found “not guilty” is enough. Does he want to live here permanently if yes then best to leave it.Even with an APRC you can get blocked at the airport coming into Taiwan for all sorts of reasons.

Counter sue is inevitable. It’s bound to happen either way. So my roommate wants to be the first launch a civil case.

Remember the main case is in criminal court. Which means the so called victim has a whole opening in civil court. It’s just a matter of time before she goes there. My roommate wants to be the first to go the civil way. So that the ends of these two cases should be simultaneous.

In Taiwan, civil cases are brief and straight to the point. It mostly ends with a compensation and a written resolution which normally bars the involved parties from pushing any further.

It seems you have already made up your mind about the situation and what your roommate should do.


Well, is there another way out of this?
The parties involved here are not going to back down easily. It’l is dirty by now. But then there must be an end. One party must decide to bow out of the fight. What other best way is there to make one party tap out?

A simple walk away seems like it won’t work. And a flight out of the country is an option not possible. My roommate is under a court order not to leave. The man is on the wall. And the lady won’t back down due to the pressure from her team including her Taiwanese bf(so we think)

So then shouldn’t your roommate’s focus be on trying to win the criminal case and then getting the hell out of the country immediately after?


That is an option. But it’s almost certain that if he wins the case, say at 10am.

At 10.30am, the next case will have already been filled and a police search warrant already in place.

We shall consider your advice seriously.(i am in his team) and most probably have his flight ticket ready on the day of the verdict. So that he gets to fly out immediately to Hong Kong probably.

This is a foreign land, and my roommate has experienced it first hand.the very fact that the police and the court accepted this case is strange. Despite the main evidence pointing away from what the girl is saying.

The Taiwanese boyfriend is still pushing for all this or it is the foreign woman? Or is it at the point where it has gone too far down the rabbit hole, they cannot end it?

Slightly off topic:
I have always wondered about any case where the defendant is not allowed to leave the country - what happens if they have no money left? Do they go on the streets? Work illegally?

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Had a similar thing happen to a friend of mine, this tw girl he met on tinder on few occasion and did the hanky panky got pregnant and her French Bf didn’t look very fondly of it so she lied to him saying she was raped by my friend , then proceeded to try and extort my friend to pay for the abortion which he firmly denied and so they filed a complaint and decided to sue him
my friend wasn’t able to leave the country until trial, lost his job and got no help whatsoever from anyone in he matter…the good news however is with enough evidence he was able to prepare a strong defense by giving the court all their conversation logs and also witness evidence
most critical is the fact they met and had sex on few occasions and the girl claimed to be raped on all of them… what a :speak_no_evil:

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well your friend doesn’t sound like the brightest either, you know, impregnating a girl with a bf and all of that…


What happened to the kid?

Well I don’t think she told him she had one as they met through tinder
I think she aborted it but who knows maybe there’s a lil hun xue baby wandering about

I hope not as it would make the girl and your friend :speak_no_evil:

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This case is a criminal case classified as capital crime meaning it’s now up-to the state to run it. The victim could have made it easier at the beginning by asking for a chance to negotiate and even solve it through a civil court.

If you have a problem with the law, the immigration normally confiscate your passport. You can’t leave the country and you “can’t get any employment”. But we all know,with a white face,you can walk into any Buxiban,mostly in the south,and teach English without them checking your papers. This only works if your face is familiar among the foreigners circles and your case isn’t on everyone’s mouth.

About your French friend:
How did it end? Was he declared innocent after going through the entire trial process or was it simply a situation where the court declared that they lacked evidence to conclude the case?

From what we know, there are two ways the court can solve a matter 1: no evidence to deliver a verdict. 2. After reviewing all the evidence, the court finds the suspect not guilty

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Who told you that?

They can be brief, but don’t count on it.


Not true , you cannot walk into any Buxiban and teach without papers. Most are now chain schools that require a degree, a criminal record check etc。 Your statement is false. There maybe a few but not as you put it and I quote “any buxiban in the south”. Please do not make false statements as that may bring doubt on your account about your friend.

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Crusher, you know what you are right ahahaha. However your “right” doesn’t contribute to my roommate’s legal dilemma. Your ‘right’ only contribute to a discussion on his financial situation. And I can tell you for a fact, the guy is sorted. He has a teaching gig that pays his bills.

But we are talking about a guy who needs 3-4 hours a week to pay his bills.And Buxibans which want a white face to just smile for the kids and say “give me 5” while the Taiwanese teachers do the bulk of the work.
There are several “levels” of buxibans around. Even some franchised ones still operate on “we hire white face and fair enough English” basis.

Update:my roommate was declared INNOCENT. but there is a possibility of an appeal. So the legal system in this country is somehow fair.i thought he would be surprised in court with legal clauses that doesn’t favor his argument(he was arguing on the basis of consent s3x) since it was a native against a foreigner(the girl, though a foreigner too,had her boyfriend, a local, pushing the case. So it was more like a foreigner vs a local)


Courts here in my experience are very fair with westerners (I am not sure about foreign non westerners). You have to be more careful about what goes on before it gets to court.