Third Row Seats in an SUV or Wagon: No Minivans

Any car buffs help me start a list of vehicles with a third row seat. I have one kid now with a big child seat permanently in place. Another will arrive next spring/summer. It is too hard to take out the child seat I have now and sometimes besides my wife and child I want to take a few other people in my car.

The only thing is I am not interested in Minivans. I could consider a wagon.

Any ideas. Only the XC90 comes to mind, but I know there are others.

Ford Explorer

Also Land Rover Discovery 3:

I sat in the third row, and I had lots of room! I was very surprised…

Mao -
Just looked at the Land Rover line-up last week, I also noticed the room, if not ease of entry, in the Discovery 3 3rd row seats.

Why no minivans? There are some nice ones out there.

Is your search limited to vehicles available in Taiwan, or would you consider bringing something in also?

Ford MAV, Mazda Premacy are 2 that come to mind. I drive the MAV and its quite a nice car.

I would bring something in myself through those companies that do that, but it has to be a car that already has government safety testing. I do not want to pay for that myself.

explorer can be bought here. my parents drive one, and they love it, but that’s in canada - might be a little big for the roads / parking spots in most places here.

Discovery 3 is nice, but I don’t think I can afford one of those. I will check out the Explorer.

I will also have to check out the Premacy and MAV, I have never actually been in one.

Thanks I didn’t know about these having 7 seats.

If looking for a more car like vehicle then try the Mitsubishi Savrin, Toyota Wish or Peugeot 307 SW, all have third row of seats available, think it is a standard feature as well.

Bear in mind, that most vehicles when using the third row have little usable room for bags etc.

I saw the Wish and the 307 SW on the road this weekend. The 307 SW had a huge back window with great visibility. Too bad it is a French car as I kind of like it from the outside. I am worried about quality issues with French cars and I personally boycott any French made goods due to Frances support of advanced weapons sales to China and its diplomatic Cold war with the USA.

I had a drive in a Wish in Japan. Very versatile use of the interior, which is very roomy. Worth a test drive.

After some surfing around, I found this, which is a pretty complete list of vehicles available in the US with a third row seat. A quick scan reveals that many, if not most of these vehicles probably aren’t available in Taiwan, but this list is helpful if you ultimately decide to bring something in. It’s actually a safety study for the 3rd row occupants, so you might find that data useful too.

Good luck with your search!

Congratulations! But, erm, humans have a nine-month gestation period. You haven’t been mating with an elephant or something have you? :wink:


Good luck with your search![/quote]
Ben, just what I have been looking for. Thanks for the help.