This Flat-Earther Is About To Launch Himself In A Homemade Rocket To Prove Earth Is Flat

This Flat-Earther Is About To Launch Himself In A Homemade Rocket To Prove Earth Is Flat



I hope he settles the question that’s been bugging me for years: where’s the damn edge?

Three cheers for the Flat Earth Space Agency! With supporters all over the globe.

For their next experiment, I suggest telephoning people who live in various parts of the world to ask them whether it’s day or night where they live, and also, how long days and nights tend to be.

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I hope it pulls a Challenger.

Hmmm. Reminds me of this:

But won’t He Fall Off the Edge? What Happens of He Hits one of the elephants? Or the Turtle?


He should hope they aren’t hungry.

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I have read about a few guys recently who say they support this idea.

It’s all some sort of trolling, right? maybe some of them want to play with the limits of science and believes and so, and others just want to trol… because nobody really believes this, right?

Oh, he beat Flat Earth B.o.B. to it. That’s got to hurt.

I genuinely feel these things are trolls. Nobody can legitimately be this stupid without some sort of mental impediment.

The simplest rebuttal, and I genuinely want to know the answer to this: how do these people possibly rationalize the concept of “time zones”? Or, really, what the hell do they picture this flat earth looks like? It just goes on and on until there’s a drop off into oblivion. Are we under a dome that carries the sun from one side of the flat earth to the other, at which point it sneaks back to the other side - completely out of view of course - and rises again for a new day?

Or is my angry over reaction to this the very thing these fools are after? Probably that…

It’s not trolling. It’s a huge movement of people (including celebrities, sports stars, rappers, etc) who want to prove to the world that even with the advantage of modern technology and 500 years of scientific progress, they’re more ignorant than Galileo.

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Not possible. I think they want to show people how easy it’s to come up with arguments that sound reasonable, or how difficult it could be to defend things we have been told or we take for granted.

I mean, rich people (and not only them) have taken flights… right?

I guess all the satellite photos of the earth must be faked. I should have realized that earlier since the moon landing was also faked.

HA, and you believe the moon actually exists? That’s what (((they))) want you to believe, it’s just a commercial move created in order to lure money out of taxpayers’ pockets. A rock orbiting Earth non stop and never coming down…come on!!1

Very possible. (Have you ever looked at a YouTube comment section?) You’re giving them waaaaaaaay too much credit.

if earth was flat, would that mean that any other object in the universe would be flat as well, the sun, our neighboring planets, even the moon? what do those flat-earthers have to say about that? i’ve seen the moon round and shiny but never as a straight line. but i guess, they have a totally reasonable explanation for half moon too…let’s just hope, that dude skyrockets himself outta there and finally sees the light…

No, never paid this movement much attention, I read some headlines of news / blogs talking about this, but I always assumed that it was some sort of joke.

That works as an explanation for Discordianism, but take a look around: humans are capable of believing literally anything. The diversity of beliefs we have here at the site is almost a microcosm of humanity! :rainbow:

Spherical objects in the universe are a social construct created by a patriarcal society, and anyone who disagrees is paid by Monsanto and Bigpharma to keep hiding the truth for corporate profit.

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the theory may be a joke but the movement is not. there is a growing minority who refuses everything rational like flat-earthers, trumpists, anti-vaxxers, or reichsbĂĽrger in germany if you care. guess it must be some kind of anti-hipster, or pro-hipster, thing?? to go against everything common sense

he could have done that with a lawn chair, 50 weather balloons and a BB gun. In fact people have done that successfully, well, at least didn’t die doing that, before Up the movie.