This Flat-Earther Is About To Launch Himself In A Homemade Rocket To Prove Earth Is Flat


Sounds like the hard-earned wisdom that comes from experience. :wink:


I’d have to work my way up to it I think :sunny:


A journey of a thousand centimeters begins with a single stretch.


That makes two journeys I’m passing on :slight_smile: If I had to choose that soiree or a trip in Mad Mike’s rocket, it would be interesting though.


“What’s the point of this whole thing? It’s so dumb, how could anyone possibly…”


Not as stupid as many people think.


Maybe to remove some low-IQ DNA from the gene pool?


More like:“To drain money from the low-IQ pool”


Hey, two birds with one stone…


Weird, I didn’t get the notification for your replies >_> Usually I get a notification at the top right when someone replies to me/quote/whatever, but I didn’t get it for your messages. I just checked the topic because it showed up at the top on the main page.


It’s a vast left-wing conspiracy!


Is the earth flat? Who cares, when it turns out that the UNIVERSE is flat.



The fool–he’ll never make it over the ice wall.



And he finally did it!


Success! That’ll show all you Round Earthers.


Now nobody can say he’s no rocket scientist.


Didn’t die! Great investment for the flat earthers?