This is how we do the things here in Yankeeland, boy



This is the IP forum. Please someone argue the cop was in the right and that America is the greatest country in the universe and if you don’t agree you must be a communist. I don’t like it when everyone is in agreement.


So, basically, nobody was in charge, and Tweedledum and Tweedledee were taking it in turns to shout out instructions? Or … one guy was hollering and the other guy was waving a gun? Yup, seems legit.

It occurs to me that while the “police” were focused on acting out their little drama, if it actually had been some sort of terrorist meeting going on in that hotel room, the gang may have had backup who’d be free to sneak up from elsewhere and shoot them. Anyone still in the room could either escape out the window or assume a defensive position. Hence the need to get these situations under control in the shortest possible time.


I nominate @the_bear for this patriotic duty. Jia you!


How did the jury acquit him? Seriously looks like murder to me.

Also is it really legally permissable to threaten someone that if you make ‘a mistake’ you will be shot?


Again, I don’t know if this is a mere quibble, but I’m pretty sure I read that the officer who gave the commands was senior to the officer who shot Mr. Shaver.


And yet he clearly wasn’t in control of the situation :slight_smile:


The guy was summarily executed right there by the cop. Disgusting.


I don’t like you anymore.


@rowland took today off.


Because despite what @finley said, probably the cowboy was going by the book… in one or another way.



Prior history of violence, the cop had.
Most cops who kill are let off, they feel they are God at times.


Poor bastards… how wrong they are. I don’t love kids, OK? I COMPLY with the LAW!!!


At least this guy got 20 last week. Shooting an unarmed man in the back is about what it takes to convict a cop in the US


If you want someone killed in the states calling the cops and saying that you saw them waving a gun seems a pretty sure-fire method. And you’ll get away with it.

Another point is psychopaths are likely to be drawn to joining the police. License to kill.

The cop that was shouting the orders was clearly creating a situation where the victim would get shot. I don’t buy that it was simple incompetence - it was deliberate. Brailsford had “YOU’RE FUCKED” engraved on his rifle dust cover. I cannot believe how the jury called this not guilty. Both of those cowards should be biting pillows in B wing.


In one way only: The Book would have said something like “IF suspect reaches for waist THEN open fire”. The rules are black-and-white with a limited set of options for a given scenario so that the officer doesn’t have to expend precious milliseconds assessing a complex situation.

However, the officers had deliberately created a needlessly dangerous scenario by making the suspect perform a whole bunch of nonsensical actions that are absolutely not By The Book.

In other words, the window of time in which shooting might be an option was prolonged beyond the usual few seconds, thus increasing the chance that that option would be taken.


I’m not convinced the cops even believed he was armed. If they’d been genuinely worried about him being armed they’d have cuffed him ASAP. As you say, why drag the situation out?


@rowland took today off.”

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The cop also had “You’re fucked” written on his gun cover.


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