This is how we do the things here in Yankeeland, boy



pretty dark.


Indeed. I’m not watching that again, but IIRC he was wearing something like shorts and a T-shirt. Any weapon on his hip, or the holster, would have been clearly visible. They totally knew he wasn’t armed, or at least had no weapon that would present an immediate threat. So yeah, still baffled as to how he managed to walk away from a murder charge.


It’s a clear “You do whatever I tell you to do or I’ll have you shot” power trip to me. A little man with a gun, a badge, and a hat. I don’t think the cops were fearful for their lives in any way. Yep, how he managed to get off is beyond me too. Maybe there was further evidence in court, but that video alone is so damning.


that is some dark viewing right there.


I’m sure that the book says something along those lines, even if not explicitly: “you have to make sure that the suspect doesn’t pull a weapon, so give him instructions for seeing his hands all the time. If the suspect looks like tryign to take a gun, then fire”. I mean, it’s most likely something open to interpretation, in certain degree.


In the future everyone in America is going to be an enemy of the state for fifteen minutes. The trick will be surviving your fifteen minutes.


Ubiquitous Guns in America produced this police culture where normal man becomes cop and turns into maniac, like this cop. Half the people arrested are on something and cannot comply as would a sober person.


Guns have always been prevalent in America so something else triggered the rise of the police state there. It appears to have been The War About Nothing in Iraq and its deal with the devil. TWAN 1 opened a Pandora’s Box of totalitarianism such as “you’re either with us or against us”, torture, mass domestic surveillance, Gulagtanamo, denial of due process, drone lynching, summary executions etc. all of which eventually came home to roost so that all Americans are hajis now.

Since totalitarianism takes on a life of its own it’s only going to get worse. May God help America.


Nah. It’s been like that since forever. America has been fighting not-quite-wars since forever. Politically the place has always been weird.

The only difference is that there are more police, more people, and ubiquitous video recording. 20 years ago this might have made the news, but there wouldn’t have been so much fuss about it.

As loser said, when a policeman has to assume that everyone has a gun and everyone might be high on something, it’s a high-stress role and it’s likely to send even normal people a bit loopy. My suggestion (since Americans will never give up their guns anytime this millennium) would be to retire police officers after 5 years on the street, before they turn into gibbering wrecks or go postal.

The interesting part is that, statistically, an American cop only has a slightly higher chance of being shot than the average civilian. The actual risk is not nearly as high as the perceived risk.


Not a cop myself but I would think since there appears to be at least two cops there that one should train his weapon on the suspect while the other cuffs him. There was no need to make him “crawl towards me”. No need for that power trip. And to shoot him five (?) times? Can you say over kill? One shot in the thigh would have been enough. If it even ever needed to go that far.

If I was a judge there, I would have to find the cop guilty of second degree murder.


Too much counter strike


The cops are using the wrong tools to subdue the suspect (who didn’t need to be subdued anyway in this case as it was plain and simple murder from a psychopath in my book).
There are definitely other tools they could use than an AR15 beyond the common sense stuff of getting the guy to face the wall with his hands up and all that. First that high powered weapon could also result in other people.being killed.


absolutely, either psycopath or mentally ill.


This is what the gun grabbers want to make the norm. The enforcement arm of the government has the guns, and regular people don’t.

Power goes to people’s heads. That’s why it’s always a bad idea to concentrate power in the hands of the few. NO BIG GOVERNMENT.

Oh, and… white lives matter, too.

Yes, US police are paranoid about guns - and not just about guns. They’re jumpy in general. It’s how they’re trained these days. And they’re too full of themselves to see that it cuts both ways.

They’re the domestic arm of Team America. Armed, in charge, and badly trained.

No, I will not blame the victim here. He was something of an asshat, but that wasn’t the real problem in this case.


Um … yes, that is pretty much what it means to be the enforcement arm of the government vs. being a civilian.

If the police know that regular people don’t have guns then this sort of shit doesn’t happen.

I know this because I live in country where regular people don’t have guns, and broadly speaking the police don’t blow people away for the fun of it, even though they do carry guns. Before that I lived in another country where regular people don’t have guns. Same thing. Police will not be scared of being shot if nobody has anything to shoot them with. It is a self-evident truth. Self-evident to everyone except Americans.

If you do decide to give a policeman a gun, you have to make damn sure he isn’t a f’ing retard or a psychopath. That’s why in the UK even the police don’t get to carry guns unless they’ve been through a screening and training process. Doesn’t stop bad shit from happening occasionally - there was that Portugese bloke on the subway - but it drastically reduces the chances.


Across the country, heavily armed Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams are forcing their way into people’s homes in the middle of the night, often deploying explosive devices such as flashbang grenades to temporarily blind and deafen residents, simply to serve a search warrant on the suspicion that someone may be in possession of a small amount of drugs. Neighborhoods are not war zones, and our police officers should not be treating us like wartime enemies. However, the ACLU encountered this type of story over and over when studying the militarization of state and local law enforcement agencies.
— War Comes Home: the Excessive Militarization of American Police, ACLU

We’re all hajis now.


Even worse shit happens. I’m talking tyranny.

Just think. If the Tienanmen protesters had had tanks…

Seriously. We’re talking about bad cops shooting unarmed civilians and your solution is more unarmed civilians?

The Black Lives matter narrative is limping. Now we’ve got this new blame-the-populace narrative. Shame.


It’s the irregular people who are dangerous, and they don’t obey gun laws.


North of the border, Justin’s popularity is not as high as it was two years ago, yet somehow most people are not calling him a tyrant. I wonder how they all manage to get along. :ponder: :thinking: :ponder: :thinking: :idunno:


regular people can behave irregularly too.

so you’re saying make gun policy even more liberal? a gun for a gun, a tank for a tank, you know where this is going…

many european countries have just slightly more restricted gun laws than the us and possession rate is also quite high(e.g. Switzerland, Finland) but you rarely hear any gun-related crime or police violence news from there.

i think many americans have unhealthy relations with the rule of force. there are many ways to force something on someone else, with brute violence, money, authority. however, positions of power are imperative in every society, it’s how those positions are kept within limits that shows the real face of that society.

the court in this case protected the person in power once again, although the evidence are beyond doubt. and as a nice little side-effect, enabling other power-crazed lunatics who happen to be cops to act the same because there’s now a test case.