This is how we do things here in not Yankeeland, boy

Any mistake and you are dead.

Guy got off too, just last week.

Very easy to make mistakes, too, when the “officer” involved (a) appears dead-set on making sure that you do, and (b) has not the slightest clue how to deal with a potentially dangerous suspect without escalating the situation.


Still, that’s what happens when every man and his dog thinks it’s his right to own a lethal weapon.

Wonder what convinced the jury not to return ‘guilty’?

But wait…the victim was white. I thought the police only shot unarmed people of color. This is not good for the narrative. Oh, and the thread title is a little misleading. This happened in Arizona, not New England.

Well, to be fair we have to say that the guy was playing with an airsoft gun in the window or something. Also he failed to keep his hands in front of him (apparently his trousers kept falling).

Still, this is nuts. 5 fuckin’ bullets. So tasers are for putting to sleep demonstrators, and automatic rifles are for people who you don’t know if they have any gun on them. I guess that nuclear bombs are for bank robbers.

I agreed with TYT’s take on it

That’s because you’re a turkey yourself.

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Extra points for Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner tie-in.

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M for Murder . Fucked up.

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The cop deliberately set up a scenario where he’d end up shooting the guy. He spent five minutes calling out random “Simon says” bullshit, occasionally contradicting himself, failing to realise that even if the guy is guilty as hell he’s going to be too scared to listen to anything but the simplest instructions.

He should have told the suspect to assume a standard can’t-reach-for-a-weapon position and had his buddy handcuff him. Simple, obvious procedure that every trained policeman or soldier will follow because it results in nobody getting hurt. All over in five seconds. Instead of that he decided to play Judge Dredd. At the very least it’s a clear case of not knowing what the fuck he’s supposed to be doing.


I agree on 90% of what you said. He’s a fucking moron and a fuckin’ cowbody, a 100% made in USA idiot. “I’m the law, and you have to follow my instructions even if you don’t even understand what’s going on, or you’re dead”. Still probably the idiot was going by the book. Problem is… he can’t interpret human reactions nor the book, probably. And the problem is who wrote the book too. And a society where everybody has the right to have a gun. And a society where people use the gun because they are… like that.

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He wasn’t though. He was being completely random.

Experienced policemen and psychologists. They write down what works. The Book tells you what to do (in “if this then that” fashion) because you don’t have time to figure it out on the spot. I’m not familiar with American Police manuals specifically, for obvious reasons, but I’m familiar with others and this guy almost certainly wasn’t following procedure.



I can’t watch any of those videos. Just unbelievable how bad, weird, senseless, idiotic some things have become in the US. I’m against gun ownership. But now that every third person or so (whatever the statistic is) has one, it’s hard to be anti guns. My bro in law has a gun in the house. I’m actually happy about that for my sister and their kids.

He was definitely not going by the book. Standard procedure is hands up, turn around, put wrists together behind back and wait to be handcuffed. Police work tends to attract lots of people with sociopathic and sadistic tendencies. This cop appears to be one of them.


But Yanquilandia refers the whole country, no?


This is an English-language forum, no?

You’re more lost than what I thought.

“Yankee,” when referring to Americans in general, as opposed to New Englanders, is a derogatory term. Just trying to keep the tone inclusive and non-discriminatory. :sunglasses:

Apologies if this is considered a mere quibble on my part, but it’s my understanding that the officer who gave the commands was a different officer from the one who shot Mr. Shaver:

The shooting, by Philip “Mitch” Brailsford, then an officer with the Mesa Police Department. . . .

. . .

“If you make a mistake, another mistake, there is a very severe possibility that you’re both going to get shot. Do you understand?” Sgt. Charles Langley yells. . . .