This is refreshing

Well, this is refreshing to learn other people are just as put off by this silly thing as I. For a minute I thought maybe I was just crazy or something.

Huh? What silly thing are we talking about here? Or are you crazy?

Actually I’d hate to disagree, but I wasn’t put off by it at all, and I aint crazy.

You’re still on about this silly thing ? There are more important things that need to be dealt with, like the ridiculous thing

I thinks it is far from silly and wish more people would face up to it.
Despise all this beating around the bush.

I’m trying to stay neutral about this, but I get really tired of people calling the things silly. It’s always silly. Silly this, silly that. Break out from your rigid, traditional thinking and open yourself up to a new world. If you don’t like the silly, go back to where you came from, that’s what I say! :x

a little sillynous makes for a great day when you would reather have not gone to work. now is that silly. :wink:

Yeah, if you don’t like the silly here, go back to where you came from. We’ve all heard that kind of nonsense before and its not clever.

Why, the whole reason you probably came here was because of the silly back home. Now you come here, only to find the silly’s here too!

Its all just so silly.

I want you all to calm down. No more provocative postings, or I’ll ban the lot of you! I’m not kidding. :imp: :x

Hey Angst! Haven’t you forgotten that you’re NOT the mod here anymore?

Maoman and I will handle these silly posts now, you go worry about your own silly life, do you hear me? Skedaddle! Scram! Or I’ll ban
[color=red]YOU [/color]
for being silly!

The forums on had their slack days, but it was never this bad. Why do I feel like I’m waiting in vain for everyone to come back from summer vacation?
How about giving us some figures Gus, like Oriented’s stats before versus segue’s stats now?

Come on , it takes time for people to get used to all the new. Moreover, the flow of people arriving might have been disturbed a little bit. not so many new people have found he place yet… Give it time and things will be just as bad as before :wink:

There’re around =<50 active posters and readers here, not including the schizos, dual and split personality posters.

Came to that conclusion using tried and true methods such as trolling, baiting and first posting.

Where did all the happy people go?

I’m guessing it has to with this site and feng shui and Qi. :laughing:

Or maybe not.