This is sick!

Wait for the grand finale !!!
I want to do this with my Fireblade in the parking lot at Monet.

Gotta hand it to the fuzz… … re=related


Bunch of twats. So’s anyone who thinks that’s cool doing it on a public road.

I agree with BFM. Fucking twats. Unless they were also pissed, then it would be cool.
But its outside the Ace – home of the cafe racer culture and the ton-up kids of the 60s. Its sad, though, as its brainless fuckers like those that are going to get the place closed down after all the work and hassle that went into saving and restoring it.

That is cool as fuck, I can’t believe it went on for so long without the fucking pigs turning up!

Stunting on public roads = Fail
Posting video of same on youtube = Fail

This is why there are calls from all over to limit the speed and or power output on motorcycles. Boo. :no-no:

[quote=“jaame”]That is cool as fuck, I can’t believe it went on for so long without the fucking pigs turning up![/quote]Thank for for clarifying whether bikers can be responsible road users. With people like you, all doubt can removed about whether bikers are selfish ignorant pricks. Keep up the good PR work!

Let me tell you something brew. Bikes are always going to be on the fringe of acceptable society in the UK because politicians don’t use them. It’s as simple as that.

They are cheap, fast etc but that’s not why the pigs and the cunts in charge don’t like them.

How many times have you seen young guys driving cars like dicks? All the time! How many of your mates wrote cars off just after they passed their test? I bet it’s more than one. Are cars going to get banned? NO!

I don’t think a few guys doing burnouts is going to make any difference to the grand scheme of things. The people making laws don’t like bikes, they never will and that is the reason they might get forced off the roads.

Besides, you don’t live there any more! Are motorcycles going to get banned from Taiwan’s roads?

How old are you? Perhaps I’ll agree with you one day… in about forty years!

Besides, you don’t live there any more! Are motorcycles going to get banned from Taiwan’s roads?[/quote]
But I own a motorcycle in Europe and I’d like to continue enjoying the privilege of riding it with minimal interference. I’d also appreciate it if when I’m ready for a new one, it doesn’t come with a horsepower cap or electronic speed limit.
I don’t buy into that line that motorcycles are going to discriminated against no matter what. Yes there is a social stigma associated with motorcycling in some places but I blame that largely on bikers themselves. If a sizable of bikers wouldn’t insist on going round dressed as pirates or conforming to some stale old stereotypes of what they’re supposed to behave like, there wouldn’t be so many moves to place restrictions on their use.
Better behaved bikers = more social acceptance. Just go to Germany / Switzerland / Austria sometime and see how many hotels, restaurants etc. have ‘bikers welcome’ signs outside. They’re everywhere. That kind of acceptance comes about after a few years of bikers behaving themselves better. Maybe that’s a byproduct of an aging population, better training or more social programs.
More asshattery = less acceptance and more interference. We’ve seen it before in many countries. If accidents rise then so do calls to ‘do something’, and that usually means power limits and tighter licensing regimes.

Of course some kids hooning around in a car are going to attract less punitive legislation on car users in general. Cars always have and always will be considered necessary evils. Noone needs a bright orange, hump-backed 1000cc fuel-injected cafe racer. The fact that they are seductive enough to make us go out and buy such a thing is already enough to alarm the powers that be. Stunting in public just proves them right and is an invitation to take away the freedom to own such a pointless and dangerous toy.

I think it’s cool as fuck with knobs on.